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    Reviews on Slim Guard weight loss pills

    Want to know whether Slim Guard weight loss pills are indeed beneficial for weight loss? Check out the feedback, opinions and reviews given in the responses below.

    I have been hearing a lot of positive reviews on this herbal product called Slim Guard. Product claims that it is an Ayurveda product with no side effects. Anyone who has tried the same, please share your experiences. Should I try it too to shed some weight?
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  • As far as weight loss is concerned, there is a golden rule. Weight can never be lost by 'eating' anything- be it medicine or anything else. Weight loss can be achieved only by restricting food habits to healthy food (control on calorie intake), regular exercise of any kind, disciplined lifestyle backed by strong will and determination to achieve the same. Without even ever trying any weight loss pill, from my point of view such pills should not be relied upon.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • The intake of pills might be safer as per now, but we do not know the impact of those medicines in future. Though it says it is an Ayurvedic product, many people prepare a fake product in the name and supply us a medicine. These are not advisable.

    Nothing is equal to hardwork. My suggestion is that instead of taking such pills and attending classes and slimming saloon in wasting your money, you can spend some of your time in doing physical exercises and yoga. Walking and swimming also help in the reduction of weight.

    Here are some steps that I followed when I was so fat.

    1. Take as much of water you can in a day. The water storage in your stomach, makes you eat less and reduce your cholesterol.

    2. Drinking the mixture of honey with warm water and adding little pepper in the early morning also help in reducing weight.

    3. I used to do breathing exercises whenever I have free time. This makes my mind stress free and also in loosing weight.

    4. Green tea consumption for about 2 months continuously leads to weight loss.

    5. Drinking banana stem juice daily also helps.

    6. Reduce the rice items and increase the usage of vegetables and fruits.

    7. Avoid eating chat items and oily items. If you tend to eat them, you need to put some extra effort to reduce the fat.

    8. Ginger and pepper usage in daily life also reduces the fat content in our body.

    9. Skipping and running also helped me a lot. You can take part in sports which you are interested.

    I do not follow hard steps in yoga's and strain my self as I found difficult to do some work that time. Just an easy step to reduce and I found myself relaxed after few weeks.

    You can also try some of these remedies in loosing your weight.

  • Sometimes due to busy life schedule keeping your diet will be very difficult. I faced the same. I was very fat due to my irregular food habits. I found Slim guard reviews online I just tried their trial course. I would say it worked for me. Result was not so fast, but still I lost around 15 kilos in a month. There was no side effects as far as im concerned. You need to take lots of water while on course.

  • We must resort to natural ways for the reduction of weight. Such step would not produce any side - effect but taking capsules Ayurvedic or other wise does not have permanent benificial effects. The effects are temporary and upon withdrawal of such medicine, we revert back to the same situation which we were facing earlier.
    The following tips would produce result by enhancing the metabolism of the body. Tips are as follows -
    1) Early in the morning two glasses of warm water containing Lime Juice would help in removal of toxins of our system and also it helps the system to keep healthy Cholestrol level.
    2) Regular consumption of green tea in the morning sheds body - weight. It also enhances the immunity - level of the body.
    3) Regular taking Oats approx 25 GMs along with boiled milk would help the body to reduce the unwanted fat and Cholesterol. This must be continued in the morning daily and the result would be perceptible within two months.
    4) A brisk walking for half an hour daily in the morning helps the body to keep fit and we may notice weight loss due to enhanced metabolism.
    5) Before we take our principal meals, a small piece of Ginger should be chewed and then meals should be followed after 20 minutes. This would speed up the digestion process.
    6) Salads of Onion and Tomato alleviate the fats of the body and this must be included as a regular practice.
    7) In take of water has to be stepped up and the minimum consumption should be 2.5 litres. Such consumption of water purifies the system by removing the intoxicating substances and also the appetite is suppressed due to excess in- take of water. Less consumption of food creates a favourable impact in weight - loss.

  • The markets are flooded with weight-loss products that promise miraculous results. Some of these products are chemical based while some like the one you mention herbal or ayurvedic.
    Weight loss happens when the body burns excessive fat. This is possible with exercise and cutting down of calories.
    Weight loss products do more harm than good. They might help you lose weight, but that weight loss will be temporary. The best way to shed weight is by watching what you eat and exercising.
    Pills, powders and drinks that promise weight loss work in two ways.
    1. Some kill you appetite, so you don't feel hungry. You do not eat enough food and lose weight. However, eating less food will create health problems. Your calorie intake should never be below 1000 kilo calories.
    2. Another type of weight loss products consist of ingredients like psyllium husk, that when eaten absorbs water and creates bulk, making you feel full.
    The weight loss will be temporary and it will be back once you stop taking them. There is also the risk of deficiencies, because the intake of nutrients will reduce.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

  • Of course natural ways are the best way to lose weight. You can exercise, diet etc. But in my experience none of the above really worked. At last after hearing good reviews I bought Slim guard weight loss pills. It was little expensive, but it helped me to lose some weight. It is an ayurvedic product and I never had any side effects or such things. If you go for pills to lose weight I would advise you to try slim guard first.

  • I tried many natural weight loss techniques and failed. I was not ready to take any pills in the initial stages to lose weight. But in the end there was no other way. I searched for a natural weight loss pill and I heard good reviews about slim guard. I decided to try it and bought trail pack. I used it and I should say I lost some weight within 3 weeks.

    - Slim guard contains ayurvedic content.

    - I found no side effects during my whole course.

    - They give good counseling. At any point their experts are ready to answer any of our questions.

    - Result is little slow but a steady one. After stopping the course i could maintain my weight with proper diet.

  • I personally have the experience of using Slim guard weight loss pills. slim guard have good reviews and I was not disappointed after using it for a month. It is little slow but it works and some of the highlights of Slim guard Pills are:

    1.) Its an ayurvedic product and i never experience any side effect.

    2.) Great after sales counselling and support. They have experts to answer your questions at any point of time.

    3.) Slow and steady. Will take little time, but I could lose around 15kilos in a month or so.

    4.) Easy purchasing. We can easily purchase it from their official website.

  • I am 36 years old and a victim of a major accident when I was 30. As a result of the accident, I got prolapsed disc and not able to do any hard workouts which affect my backbone. 4 years after the accident, my weight increased to 88 from 52. Due to excessive fat in my body, I decided not to use my party wears. My family also avoided me from functions. One of my friends suggested me slimguard and I tried it for six months. I received a call from a slimguard personal advisor and they have suggested me some simple diet and lifestyle changes. Initial few days I faced some issues like frequent urination and loose motion, which is informed me earlier by the slimguard advisor. It is due to the cleansing of the body all these problems stopped within first week itself. After six months I lost around 15 Kgs with any exercise, I believe it a great achievement. Still I am consuming Slimguard tablet and now I am 63. I am not denying the fact that Workouts are the best way to reduce excess weight, but Ayurvedic pills like slimguard help to achieve better results in short time. In my experience slimguard is effective and have zero side effects.

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