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    How to deal with nostrils blockage and breathing problem

    Suffering from blockage of nostrils and having difficulty in breathing? Know how to resolve the problem effectively.

    From past five I'm facing an interesting situation. While I am sleeping straight on the bed I am able to breathe well. But when I'm turning right or left I am unable to breath. It feels my nostrils are closed. I knew that my Mucous glands are enlarged. Is it going to be a severe threat to me? What are the preventive measures for this problem? I forgot to mention I am living in two types of environment. One is completely dry and cool, other one is 90% humid and hot. I heard that change in environment also has some impact on health particularly respiratory issues. Need your suggestions and remedies for this problem.
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  • You have an idea of the problem when you state that " I knew that my Mucous glands are enlarged". Sinus cavities getting infected and filled with mucous can create difficulty in nasal breathing. To ensure that there is no congestion in lungs and passage, try to inhale and exhale through mouth closing nose. If that is free, then the issue is in the nose and surrounding areas. DNS or deviated nasal septum also can cause such difficulty in breathing.

    You should consult an ENT specialist doctor. They may, if needed, take the X-rays of the maxillian and bones. In the meantime avoid those factors which may precipitate and trigger the difficult situations. Avoid sudden extreme changes and use proper dress to have almost uniform temperature to the body .

    Nasal drops can give temporary relief, but it is better to use them under medical advice. You can try very mild salt solution as nasal drops. Don't use it very cold also.

    Steam inhalation, applying wet spunge(warm) on nose bones and sinus areas can give temporary relief. But real cure may need antibiotics if infection is there. A qualified and experienced doctor only can prescribe them as per the condition and need.

  • A general advice will be to do pranayam daily for 15-20 minutes together with other yoga exercises and meditation. In the long run, it will definitely yield positive results But before experimenting anything , please consult an ENT specialist to get the problem properly diagnosed after physical examination and consulting test reports , if any.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • For blocked nostrils, there are several nasal drops available in the market. You should consult your doctor about your problem before using any home remedy or medicine. As you said, it's easy for you to sleep straight and turning causes a problem, it may indicate that the air pressure changes with your position (you've stated that you live in different environments). Try to use two pillows, they shouldn't be hard, while sleeping. Sleep in 45' angle and don't completely take a turn. Apart from vicks inhaler, if you simply rub some vicks balm under your nose, that'll give you big relief. Use saline drops and herbs in steam inhalation. There's a technique to unblock the nostrils, a very common homely technique it is. Just press your nose and don't breathe from mouth as well. Sit silently and keep pressing your nose. Once you start feeling an urge to breathe, release your nose and breathe deeply. This will clear up your nostrils.
    Go for some medical treatment. Above tips are additional. If you feel mucous in your nose, pouring a drop of lukewarm mustard oil in the nostril may also help you. (Make sure the oil is not much hot, put the oil on your hand and if the temperature is perfect, then only put it inside your nose, it should be a little warm though). Do some yoga, such as anulom-vilom, for natural benefit.


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