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    What are the best stocks with good returns for short and long term investments in Indian stock marke

    What are the best stocks for 2015 for short term and long term investments? Find out a list of stocks with good returns in Indian market.

    I want to know about the best stocks, which gives good returns in next few days or months, in Indian stock market with level of Entry and Exit.

    If possible please give the reason for giving good return, company position, sector. And I am not interested in penny stocks. I want know the name of stocks for short time and long time investment plans.
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  • I would suggest you to keep watch on Stock market where you can find many short terms stocks and many stocks where you can use for capital.
    For long term, you should go with infrastructure related stocks.

  • There are many large caps , mid caps and small caps which will give good returns over a short to long term period.
    Make sure which company you are going to invest whether large caps, mid caps and small caps.
    You can invest up to 60% of your surplus in large caps , 30-40% in mid caps and 10-15% in small caps.
    These are few large caps which will give good return over a period of time.
    Do not invest all your savings in the share market . Keep 60% of income set aside for emergency needs and invest only 40% of income. Also make a portfolio of few stocks with diversification.
    Please note that investing in Share market is subject to market risk.

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