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    What are the Ayurveda alternatives of angioplasty, bye-pass surgery and open-heart surgery?

    Ayurveda has treatment for all kinds of ailments. Learn about the ayurveda alternatives of angioplasty, bye-pass surgery and open-heart surgery in this ask-experts thread.

    In many places I am seeing and hearing that the patients having block in blood vessels got treated by Angioplasty or bye-pass surgery or Open heart surgery. But such patients never thought of Ayurveda treatment or have negative though about the treatment in Ayurveda. Is that correct to say such treatments can only be done in allopathy? In my view, Ayurveda should have some measures to cure such chronic problems. If it is so, can any eminent Ayurveda doctor explain the possibility of curing such problems?
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  • I think in heart complications etc. at least diagnosis should be done by modern computerized systems and the Ayurvedic system of diagnosis should not be taken as basis for final decision. In case of any doubt, second opinion of an expert should be obtained. There is not much surgery in Ayurvedic system, so the Vaid will recommend some medication only. But in case there is no proper diagnosis, the condition may worsen if not taken care of in time.

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  • I have to point out that "allopathy" is a wrong term to use instead of Modern Medicine. Allopathy is an old term used for medicine with active ingredients in the medicine.

    Ayurveda or any other form of alternative medicine/pseudo science does not have any proven method for heart related treatment. Once any of their method is proven to be effective and passes all the scientific testing process its treated as modern medicine then. So it no more become alternative medicine,it will be called medicine.

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