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    What to do after completing my MCA if I want to settle overseas?

    Have an overseas job dream? Know how to proceed if you want to settle overseas after completing your MCA.

    Greetings. I have completed my BCA (3 years) and MCA (3 years) in Gujarat. Now I'm hunting for iOS job as I created my final project in iOS. So yeah I'm a fresher (2015). I can do basic iOS programs.

    I am so confused. I want to settle in foreign (Australia/USA/Canada). My fiancee will complete her Bachelor degree in Dentistry in 2016. I am so confused in deciding wether I should go by applying student Visa or work here for few years then apply H1 Visa.

    Please remove my confusion by guiding me in a proper way. My family can support me financially. So its about path I have to choose in order to make my life to live the way I want to. Please be descriptive. Thanks.
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  • Please read my following article which is likely to be useful for you-
    How to prepare and submit applications for admissions in USA universities
    You can prepare and go for GRE. Out of the two options available to you, it is always better to go on student visa to USA and complete some course there compared to work here first and then try to go on work visa. After completing higher studies in USA you will be eligible for 20,000 quota of work visa kept aside for those students who have completed higher studies in USA. Getting work visa is very competitive these days. This year there were five times applications and visa was decided by lottery. The trend is likely to prevail in coming years too. By completing higher studies in USA your chances of getting work visa will increase as you will be considered for lottery twice, first under 20000 quota then again against general quota of 65000 for all candidates.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • @ Hiren
    At the onset I am not sure how and why this question emerged to settle abroad. I have several reasons for asking this:
    1. You are hailing from Gujarat, which has done substantially well in the past few decades under the leadership of PM.
    2. People from Gujarat need to be more sure of India doing well in the years to come, with your own CM being elected the PM.
    3. In the past one year look at the amount of business commitments made from abroad to get business into India.
    4. Being a computer graduate study the number of IT MNCs setting up their base in India, and countries from across the world outsourcing their work to India.
    5. iOS is a hot topic, but you need to learn programming in depth and should be capable of developing applications and deploying them individually. You may need an iOS developer license. Just developing a final year project is not enough, was it deployed somewhere? Was extensive testing carried out? Is it being used by many users? Let me tell you, no one wants to employ a basic developer, you need to have expertise.
    6. Regarding Dentistry, check out whether the Indian degree is valid directly abroad or some additional studies need to be done before formal employment can be obtained.
    So in short, I am sure that India is going ahead in the right direction, and the day is not far when India 2020 dream will be fulfilled.
    I do not have anything against settling down in any foreign country, but please talk to several people settled abroad in these countries to understand the life style, the people culture, the job opportunities, the career prospects, the financial liabilities, the dollar value for Indians abroad. You also need to beware of the ill effects of racism which is still experienced in many places abroad.
    Now coming to your last two points: I understand that your family can support you financially but how long are you going to ask your family to support you? Some day soon, you need to start asking this question to yourself. I would say it is high time that you become independent and start fending for yourself and let your parents not be burdened.
    You have also mentioned that you want to live your life the way you want to. Clarify this point for your own sake. Check out: missionbuilder by Franklin Covey online. fill the form and you will realize what is your mission in life, why you have come into this world and what you wish to do in the years to come. Based on your mission, identify what you want to do with life and then decide your future course of action.
    In a nutshell to remove your confusion this is what I would suggest: Check out each of the 6 points, missionsbuilder, and then decide how to live a life which you enjoy.
    Some of the points may have been blunt, but this has come from my exhaustive experience of teaching, in industry, traveling aboard and interacting with many in India and abroad.
    Hope I have been able to reduce some of your confusion.

    Autograph your work with excellence!

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