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    How to do marketing for home made masala?

    Do you want to learn marketing for home made products? Learn how to market home made masala from the answers in this thread.

    My mother is specialist in making masala for bharwa vegetables like potato, brinjal, bitter gourd and ladies finger etc. This masala can also be used in fried vegetables. I want to do marketing for this homemade masala but do not know from where to start. Need guidance.

    Please let me know if there is any "Mahila Grih udyog" with whom we can associate.
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  • A new product may take some time to get established. There are many known brands in the food masala segment. But as this is a daily used item, with lesser shelf life, users always prefer freshly home made products which they can trust for quality and hygiene.
    Quality is the first factor and affordability is the immediate second factor. In case it is going to be a small home made venture, you may start with word of mouth. You can give free samples to your neighbours for testing and feedback from them. If there are any common quality issues, rectify and improve and then retest the same way.
    Once you get general acceptance, spread word that you are starting the business and ask them to be you first clients. Slowly spread it and then give it to the local vendors in small quantities. Keep contact to get how it sells. There also if the quality is good you may get repeat orders.
    One main parameter is consistency in quality. Hence you should be careful to select your input materials and ensure they are also of good quality and hygiene. You should start in small quantities and then enlarge it gradually seeing how it goes.
    Before pricing and marketing, you should survey what products are available and how they are priced and how they sell.
    You may also get hold of a few caterers or small hotels that you can make regular clients.
    I repeat again, quality and hygiene along with pricing are major factors. Best Wishes for your venture.

  • One of the aspects of marketing any product is its packaging. A good and modern packaging makes the product attractive. Besides consistency in quality control and hygiene as explained by previous author, attractive and effective packaging will contribute in its successful marketing. If your budget is small, then you can go for publishing advertisement in local newspaper and distribution of pamphlets through newspaper vendors.

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  • Thanks for responding Mr. venkiteswaran and Mr. Kailash

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  • There are many brands producing masala flavours all over the country. In this category, the product that is newly produced takes time to reach the people. The people use the masala items in their daily life.

    Firstly, marketing the home made masalas can be started by referring them to your friends and relatives. If the quality and quantity with the preferred taste matches, then they would contact you for further upcoming days. You can then start a new business and slowly grow up by marketing them with the shopkeepers by establishing a brand name with logo and attractive packages.

    Patience has to be needed in this process, as the time to reach the people takes larger time such as years too to come up. You must be courage enough to face the difficulties that occur in selling the products. Neighbours also helps you in selling them by referring them to their friends and colleagues. You must clearly state them that you are in an intention to sell the masala products and convey the advantages in using those masalas.

    Mostly the people who work prefer the masalas that are useful and reduce their time too. You must also be ready to supply the required quantity in a correct time as per the buyers needs. This gives you more support. You can also publish them in Facebook and forward them to your friends so that they could also pave way for your new business.

    All the best.


  • Mouth publicity is one of the best source of marketing. Especially in your scenario this will work much better. In today's busy life it is actually very difficult for working women to make home made masalas. Hence most of the women are buying ready made masalas from market. You can start from your own area. Let others know that your mother is making such masalas at home and you are willing to sell that. Give some free samples of masalas to people who knows you. They will be the best source of mouth publicity. At initial stage keep affordable prices of your masala. Do not expect much profit margin at the start. Print some small pamphlets and distribute that in nearest houses. For that you can do tie up with newspaper distributor. Another option is you can ask nearest departmental stores to sell your product.

  • Get a good logo for your brand. And make sure that logo is attractive.

    Open social media accounts for the brand. Most important is visual social channels like - Pinterest and Facebook. You can also sign up to others but the more visual the better. Even instagram is good too.

    Hold a booth near shopping malls. You can give out sample of masala to the people who are interested. This way, you can get some initial traction.

    You have to make sure that you get in touch with cooks, housewives and caterers. This way getting regular order would be easy. Hire a business development manager, that person should make such deals.

    Rather than spending more on marketing budgets. Get yourself a good design for product packaging and logo. And this way just focus on making the deals of your product.

  • Hi,
    I would suggest the following steps which may support you for your project-
    1. Prepare some samples and distribute among your neighbours.
    2. Tell them about your intention of distributing these samples and ask them to share this with their friends and relatives.
    3. If they will find the spices tasty and healthy, they will surely ask for them and you need to take a critical decision of pricing.
    4. Keep the society in mind while deciding the price as high class society may afford good spices at higher rates whereas some middle class society will think twice before buying such spices. So initially you may not have good profit but you have to start with that only.
    5. Gradually you will be having prior orders and then you need to maintain your quality.
    6. Now you are at a point when you can pack the spices with your own label name and then market them. You can even give small pack sizes to retail shopkeepers.


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  • The best way to market homemade masala's is through word of mouth. Here is what you can do to help your mother's business take off –
    1. Spread the word around among neighbours, friends, relatives and acquaintances that your mother makes special masalas and is interested in marketing them.
    2. Just talking about the products is not good enough, offer free samples. Your mother can pack 50 gram packets of assorted masalas to be given away as free samples.
    3. Speak to the local kirana shop owner and ask him if he will stock special homemade masalas. Shopkeepers generally do it for a small commission.
    4. Make the packing attractive.
    5. Keep the price affordable.
    6. Maintain quality.
    7. Employ marketing tricks like offering 100 grams masala free with every 500 grams purchased.
    8. Diwali is around the corner. This will be a good time to sell your products. Book a stall/table in a local diwali mela in your colony and sell your products there. It helps if you serve tasters at the mela, so people know how the end dish will taste like.
    Also remember that setting up a small scale industry can be a lucrative business. Government banks offer loans to women to set up a small scale industry.

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  • If you want to promote Home- made Masala, you should have a lot of patience and sincerity in your business. There are certain tips which would be useful to you. Tips are as follows-
    1) Give a wide publicity of your business to your friend- circle and acquaintences. Even you can display an advertisement in the local - news-papers giving all the relevant details.
    2) Approach the local - groceries and convince them of the supereb quality maintained by you.
    3) You have to forgo the initial profit by way of free distribution of small packets within your friend- circle. The quantity in the packet may be as low as 50 gm.
    4) Give an attractive packaging to your products.
    5) Top most priority has to be given on the quality of the products.
    6) Prior to grinding the Masalas, these should be dried completely in order to maintain the quality of the product.
    7) Rate of your product should be somewhat lesser than the products available in the market at the initial stage to attract the customers.

  • In masala (spices) market there are many big and more than that medium players supplying the processed masalas. Its a very competitive market.
    There are various ways to cope up with the situation. As direct marketing of home products is challenging and cumbersome it is advisable to tie up with a medium house to start with. In fact what counts most is the quality norms of the product. If the product does not go stale before the expiry date and stringent Huygenic conditions are maintained in processing and packing than it will be acceptable by the consumers.
    We must remember that a bad product in the beginning will ruin the show. If you are marketing through a established brand who check your product thoroughly before delivering to customers than it will help you to establish the product in market.
    Even in home we must have a clean and separate place or corner for the grinding, packing etc. It is the cleanliness and handling that makes the final outcome.
    Price is an important factor as the margins are decreasing day by day and you can not offer your product beyond certain level.
    One important thing is availability of raw material - are we near a place where these are grown or we are purchasing them in a far off location incurring added cost to the commodities. So selection of items is also crucial from this angle.
    One can go through reading material for 'business for home made items' in internet so that more knowledge can be gathered before starting the endeavor.

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    You should start in small quantities and then enlarge it gradually seeing how it goes and then
    offer the product for free samples. tell your mom that pack 50 gram packets of Marsala to be given for free samples.
    Slowly spread it and then give it to the local vendors in small quantities.
    Keep contact to get how is the sells.
    There also if the quality is good you may get repeat orders and then.
    Price is an important as the margins are decreasing day by day and you can not offer your product beyond certain cost .
    must remember that new product will take some time to get established. nowadays there are more number of brands in Masala .
    In product u must Maintain quality.
    you have get in touch with cooks, housewives and caterers. They will help you by getting order would be easy .it helps to marketing .
    before you start a small scale or large scale spice business, you have to obtain these registrations and licenses.

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