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    What is the cost of education in a US university?

    Wondering about the costs of studying in an American University? Find out the possible expenses of studying abroad in USA.

    I am currently in class X and I want to go for further studies to USA after completing my class XII (SAT) or after completing B.Tech from India with MS/Ph.D. I want to know the average cost of studies in USA including boarding, lodging and fees. Is there any scholarship or other option to bear the expenses?
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  • The expenditure involved is generally known as 'cost of attendance'. It depends on many factors like type of university i.e. whether it is a public university or a private university, its location as living cost in cities like New York or San Francisco or Boston is much more compared to universities located at smaller cities and towns. Generally it involves tuition and Fees , living expenses i.e. room and board, personal expenses, travel expenses, health insurance cost etc.
    During the year 2015-2016, cost of attendance at Harvard college is estimated as nearly $70,000 as per information made available on its website. It may be much less in other colleges. The websites of different colleges provide information about the estimated cost of attendance. Many types of financial aids like scholarships and students jobs opportunities are available to meritorious and outstanding students.

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  • In terms of INR, you need around Rs.14,00,000/- (14 lakh) to study abroad in any country. In this much money you can obtain the MS degree from USA. You need to qualify SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test. For more detail, please refer the below link to know more about SAT.
    What is SAT and how to prepare for it?

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  • Each university is different and the cost varies depending on your course, amount of years it takes to finish graduation or post graduation. Also few other things like security deposit and few other expenses in other nation varies. During 2007, minimum expense was like 4Lakh and now it has reached to the 16Lakh. The college where you learn will increase your expenses as well. So make sure you search in each college and make sure to study accordingly. Scholarships and other grants also reduce the amount of funds it needs to study in US.

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