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    How to know if paneer is spoiled or not?

    Wondering whether the paneer you bought has got spoiled? Know from our experts on how to differentiate good paneer from a spoiled one.

    Today I prepared paneer butter masala. I bought the paneer last week only which shows manufacturing date as 11.7.15. I refrigerated it, but did not keep in deep freezer. When I cut open the packet, there was some watery content inside the packet. I had a doubt that whether the paneer got spoiled or not.

    Could you please tell me how to know if paneer is spoiled or not? Any additional information on paneer is most welcome.
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  • Storing paneer in the freezer breaks it down and spoils it texture and taste. The best way to store paneer is in the chiller tray, shelf marked for milk or the shelf just below the freezer.

    It is normal to find water in paneer packets. Water keeps the paneer moist and stops it from crumbling.

    Check for these signs to know if the paneer is fine for consumption -

    1. Place a tiny bit on the tip of your tongue. If it feels sour or bitter you need to throw it away.
    2. Test the texture of the paneer. It should not be slimy. There should be no gooey residue stuck to your fingers.
    3. Smell the paneer – it should not have a sour or rancid smell.
    4. Look at the colour. The product should be white. If it is yellow or has brown patches on it, it needs to be thrown away.

  • It can always be known by physical inspection if the Paneer has gone bad. Its general appearance including color , texture and odor will get changed. The color will change to yellowish and texture will feel like watery. It is always advisable to prepare fresh Paneer. In case of slightest doubt the stored Paneer should be thrown and no attempt should be made to scarp its outer layer and use the inner portions.

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  • According to the information given above, the paneer is spoilt. Paneer never stays more than 2-3 days whether freezed. Astinky smell comes from the paneer and it becomes pale yellowish in colour. It becomes a bit sticky too. Paneer must be consumed on the same day or the next day since it is a dairy item.

  • Hi Kalyani,
    Milk and milk products should not be stored for long. If it is required, then it should be stored in freezer. It is because the lower temperature of freezer does not allow the micro organisms to cultivate and spoil the paneer. In such cases, you need to keep the freezed panner on the top of a covered boiling water pan for some time and your paneer will re gain its soft texture.

    You may follow the following tips-
    1. Touch it, it should not be sticky or greasy at all.
    2. Smell it, it should not be having strong smell.
    3. You can taste its small piece and that should be very much sour in taste.
    4. Check its texture. It should not be very much hard and should not have any kind of dark patches. Color must be white or light cream.


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  • Paneer a dish that can be prepared instantly at home. Sometimes the paneer got from shops will get spoilt and the softness will be gone while we try to use. Paneer should have a pleasant taste and it should not be bitter. The colour of the paneer should be clear and dirt free.

    The paneer should be spongy in nature and must be water free. In order to identify the spoilt nature of paneer, it turns light yellow or contains some brown spots on the body. When touvhed, it would become watery and the smell also would be vey bad.

    Here is a small tip to prepare the instant paneer at your home. This makes the paneer more tasty and is healthier as it is rich in protein and calcium. The requirements
    for preparation of paneer are

    Milk - 1/2 litre
    Vinegar or lemon juice - 3 to 4 drops or as required.

    Boil the milk and then add the drops of lemon juice or vinegar. Wait till it becomes the form of gel. Then drain the water abd then wrap the gel substance in a clean cloth. Store the cloth under a heavy object. This makes the extra watery to squeeze off and make the paneer soft.

    You need not keep in freezer, just refrigeration is enough. Before cutting into pieces make it to cool down to room temperature.

    Curd can also be used instead of lemon juice. In lemon is used, you need to wash the paneer in water to remove the smell of lemon.


  • Having water in paneer is normal because paneer is prepared from milk. After curdling of milk and then straining liquid part from it the remaining part is the paneer. So when you keep it in the refrigerator it may happen that some more liquid ooze out from it. So, its normal. But if the paneer gives a bad smell and if it turns sour in taste its better not to use it.

  • its simple to identify
    1. first check the color of the paneer.
    2.then check the smell of the paneer if it smells sourly its a bad paneer.
    3.test by pressing with hand it may smooth are hard.
    4. taste pit of paneer that shows sour taste are not.

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