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    Is higher education necessary for a good career?

    Are you confused whether to opt for Master's course after graduation? Then this Ask Expert page will provide you suggestions on whether higher education is a good career choice.

    I have completed my B.Tech with 68% aggregate in Mechanical Engineering. I am confused about what to do further because some people are saying that M.Tech is a waste of time. I do not understand whether to opt for higher education. Awaiting your suggestions.
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  • If you have M.Tech with you then it will add more value to your eligibility. It is not a waste of time as M.Tech in mechanical engineering as it is post graduation in engineering so you will get more value than B.Tech alone. As the competition for better job and better placement is going having a good education will surely add a plus point for you. Number of M.Tech graduates are less than B.Tech so more opportunities are there and also foreign sectors mainly look for talented and persons having abilities to perform best for their companies so your percentage is not good at all for a good opportunity. So my suggestion is take M.Tech and build a strong and good career in mechanical engineering.

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  • It depends on what you mean by good career or how you define the good career. Most of the time good career happens based on your effort more than education. Educational degree just gives you opportunity to land the jobs. Rest has to be done by you. And that you can't change or make something just by getting higher education or post graduation. That is what I have learned along the way. So you have to take efforts in your own career, perform in your job and climb the ladder. There are people without higher education who made a good career in what they enjoyed the most. So this is something you have to learn by taking effort.

  • I think you should seriously scout for finding a job. Even if a low paying job is offered, it is advisable to join the same. By working somewhere one accumulates experience which is added to the resume. But by sitting idle without job creates an empty slot in the resume. Suppose some job meant for diploma holder is offered to you. Then joining even such job will be better than remaining unemployed.

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  • Higher education is not necessary but an advantage in case you wish to rise to higher positions in the industry. In case you do not wish to continue studies for some reason then you can take a job and come back to studies after gaining some experience.
    But higher education is absolutely necessary for taking up a teaching job. This is because as per AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) norms ME or MTech is necessary for joining an engineering college.
    Overall: any education is a learning experience, and is never a waste of time.

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  • Higher qualification is the plus point in getting a job. Higher the qualification more the chances to get the desired job.
    You have done B. Tec. and confused whether to continue with study or not. This depends on your current situation, if you are financially sound, you can proceed for your further education else you should start applying for job without wasting time.
    Remember that degree is only a way to enter in career, and to proceed and make it better you should have skills according to requirement. If you have good skills and have the ability to prove yourself, then you will have the chance to grow in the organisation or industry and here your degree doesn't matter.
    So don't bother about degree, have good skills and work hard to get better job.

  • This is an extremely interesting question in general.
    In simple word, 'No'. Higher education is not necessary to be successful and build a career. To name a few, Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Richard Branson. Then again these people we must admit have been blessed with superb talent and luck.

    Now to answer your question.

    Masters degree in any discipline / field is for students who would like to go for higher studies and choose a profession like being a professor or anything associated with education / teaching / research. So if that is what you would like to do, you need to complete M.Tech.

    In case you want to take a job along your lines of specialization then you can start applying for a job and further improve and hone your skills based on the opportunities your job will offer you.
    These days many companies further train their employees and also offer education allowances.
    By working you will gain work experience, find your true calling and can get reimbursed for further education. For example may be after few years you would want to be a project manager and in that case you must get a PMP certification.

    My suggestion will be:

    Go for your Masters only if you want to and if you love studying for its own essence and most importantly if you can afford it more in terms of time than money. There is nothing like a solid education background.

    However career wise I would say, get a job, work for two years, and evaluate yourself: whether you would like to take a break to study or continue working. If latter, find out new skills that will improve your position and get a degree or certification accordingly e.g. MBA, PMP, new updated technical skill etc.

    All the best in your career !

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