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  • Category: Hinduism

    Question about temples in dream and god.

    Searching for information about interpreting your dreams? Then on this page, experts will provide you with thier interpretation.

    My father had a dream a week ago that he was at the top of a mountain and there was a Ganesh temple. Besides the temple was a Lakshmi temple. Also there was a small girl 3-4 years old and she was looking at my father and then at the Lakshmi temple. From somewhere the girl's mother tells her to go and pray to Lakshmi. Here the dream ends.
    Yesterday he had another dream in which he saw Ganesh, really big and he aroused awe.
    I am not really into religion but my father says that good times are ahead which is good since last two years were bad for us. What do you guys think? Experts: please tell us your interpretation.
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  • In this science era, one may say that these kind of dreams doesn't have any meaning. But, those who believe in God are of the opinion that those who dream of Gods and Goddess must have prayed something and that must have been fulfilled and the person has forgot about the offerings that he promised to offer before the God. Ask your father about any such demands that have been fulfilled. You should ask your father to pray in the temples of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Ask your father about any such Ganesha temple that he remembers is at the top of the mountain. Moreover, if you have ample empty space in your house, you can consider establishing temples of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laskhmi.

    Note: This answer is for those who believes in God.

  • As far as I know Dreams are nothing but amalgamation of a lot of different ideas, imaginations and information that we put inside our brain. Whatever we see in our dreams are distorted or twisted image of information. It is usually fulfilling of desires which aren't doing while awake or unable to fulfill.

  • Dreams are the symbols of our unfulfilled desires and recurrent dream of the same events leave a soothing impact within our mind- frame.
    However, dreaming of God and Goddess does create a favourable impression and the entire day passes through a happy phase. May be viewing of such dreams do reflect the personalities of viewers and a man of dubious charecter would deprive of such scenes in the dreams.
    I think a favourable dreams of God and Goddess and the reminiscing the same in the next day would help one to to feel the positive energy and in that way, we can cherish memorable events.
    Calendars of God and Godess would also create the same feelings. That is why Indian - families are so much fascinated to fix such Calenders in their homes.

  • This is a modern world and many people talk about science. It is up to you but don't said it is not true since which makes your father happy and gives hope in the life after two years. He is happy what he see in the dream.

    He see the top of the mountain, Ganesha temple , Lakshmi temple, 3-4 year girl,mother's voice. All which indicates the positive signs. Your life will be very good in future. Ganesha brings all the success in your life. Mata Lakshmi who gives wealth in your life. A child and god both are equal in their good quality. Sometimes we saw the god in the form of child and the girl who is in the form of Lakshmi and entered into the temple. Somewhere you hear the mother saying is not for that girl and which is completely for your father. If you any vow to Lakshmi Devi do this immediately. She will makes so prosperous.

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