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    How much would a Master’s program cost in Japan?

    Eager to pursue a program in MBA or MS in Japan? Learn from experts what would be the cost of studying abroad in Japan for a Master's program.

    I will complete my engineering in May 2016. I am interested in doing MS or MBA based on the expenditure incurred. What is the cost of studying this Master's program in Japan? Will this degree be better than from US or Australia? Experts: Please advice.
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  • This a very generalized question. It depends on the university in which one is able to secure final admission. Some universities in Japan and Australia are ranked above US universities in global rankings and vice versa. Admission depends on the student's profile also. Depending upon the strength of the profile, universities can be selected and then compared. The higher ranking US universities generally have an edge over other universities. The fee structure also depends upon the type of universities. In US, public universities charge much less fee compared to private university. The author may visit websites of few short listed universities depending upon his/her academic profile and then compare the costs involved.

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  • An excellent idea of studying in Japan! Very few students aspire to study in Japan. But I am sure you will not regret this decision. MS or MBA is Japan is not costly, may be upto 15 lacs for a two year course, far better than the cost of education in other countries like US, UK or Australia. This degree is nearly equivalent as compared to other countries.
    I am sure you will appreciate the university, the curriculum, the people, the technology, the culture and enjoy studying in Japan. This is coming from experience of my daughter doing her MS in Waseda University, in Fukuoka in Japan. She is enjoying academics as well as life in Japan.

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