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    Is distance MBA helpful for the growth of my business?

    Want to know whether or not an MBA in distance education mode would be beneficial for your business growth? Get expert feedback through the responses provided here.

    I am doing some business for which I require some marketing techniques. Since I don't have any MBA degree with me, the techniques I am using for marketing is simply from layman's perspective. I want to pursue MBA degree in marketing from any reputed institute through distance learning. Will the distance MBA degree be sufficient to apply the marketing techniques in my business or do I need to join any regular MBA? Experts please give your valuable advice.
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  • A business entrepreneur need not compulsorily be professionally qualified for that business. It is the entrepreneurship and the quality to sense business and run it that matters first. If the business can afford, professionals can be appointed to manage the business. The great Reliance story is one like that. The original entrepreneur was not a professionally qualified person for that. But he had a vision, and business acumen. Hence he could sense the business, pulse of the clients and he expanded by appointing professionals to manage it. Rest is history.

    In your case, knowledge is always welcome . You would have already got some practical experience. So even a distance education can help you to refine your own management methods. Just see if you can take break and find time away from business to pursue regular studies. That means you need someone to look after business when you are away. In that case you, can appoint a professional or qualified person as manager now itself and you can guide and mould him suitably, while continuing you distance education sincerely even taking his help. Qualification and certificate matters in case of employment. For business, it is knowledge, acumen, attitude and ability to run the business by taking suitable steps according to situations that matters.

  • Success cannot be achieved on the basis of degrees alone though it is always better to acquire education. There is no guarantee that application of theories and principles read in the books will ensure success. Most of the businessmen in India or at other places also are non-MBA's. The author should work hard and have patience. One of the keys of success in business is spend less that what is earned and utilise the savings for further investment and growth of business. The author may complete MBA offered by IGNOU, through distance learning mode.

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  • You can make use of distance learning MBA degree to learn the theory side of the business. However to succeed in business you have to make use of your own existing resources. This includes your communication skills, people skills, funding and ability to learn from mistakes.

    MBA degree is often over-hyped and you don't get you the results that you seek. Ask yourself why you want such degree? Why do you need MBA degree in existing business? Can you get away with the degree and instead still acquire the skill?

    If you can acquire those skills without degree then you have your answer for this question.

  • To persue a Management degree from a distance education does not seem to be a bad idea for the enhancement of your managerial skill.
    In fact, A good manager is endowed with inbuilt talent to manage his business. He applies his vision in varying circumstances to achieve positive result. He is fully confident and vibrant in tackling crucial issues.
    In your case, you want to have the Management qualification in order to be acquainted with the latest techniques to be employed in the field of marketing. You would get invaluable tips by joining the management course.
    The other benifit which you may enjoy by joining the distance education mode is the management of time between your studies and your preoccupation with the business you are persuing. Such dual approach would be advantageous in the sense that you can practice the latest techniques of marketing with minimal effort.

  • Management Degree would definitely provide you sound theoretical background on the subject. There is no doubt about it. Furthermore, you would be able to study innumerable number of cases (case studies) related to India and other countries.

    But to apply acquired theoretical knowledge would entirely depend upon your business acumen and various circumstances you face in your business.

    Every case would be to some extent different from other. To apply the acquired knowledge successfully in every situation you face would depend upon your ability.

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  • Since you are going for look after and expand your own business, looks like you do not need a degree but knowledge. I feel that the distance MBA will be sufficient to apply the marketing techniques in your business and do well. Over a period of time you will soon learn some more tricks to add to your sleeve and grow your business.

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  • Hi,
    Good to see your zeal to have higher heights in terms of career.
    Marketing courses are academic requirements and if you want to learn practical aspects, you need to learn them through your own experiences.
    During earlier times, there were no such courses for business and marketing but still we can see the empire of Mittal and Ambani.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

  • Hi ,

    Its good to learn & get degree but I will suggest you first look at your competitor, How they are doing marketing? what strategies they are using?

    You must be having technical knowledge of your business so if you know the product then marketing is easy for you.

    Search on internet how global companies who have business are doing marketing, read about them.

    You can take degree its always good option to do it by yourself but if possible hire someone for marketing or outsource your marketing for sometime & see the results . You need to manage your funds . So if its possible try outsourcing .

  • A person already in business is well aware of day to day management of his work as learned by him through his elders or peers. He knows the basic requirements in his area of business but he may not be very much informed about the national level or global business trends and their effect on his area.
    Hence he may need some up gradation of his business skills and here comes the importance of acquiring additional business/ educational qualification.
    As a person already in business may not get much time for a regular course it is a good idea to go for a correspondence one. As business today is highly dynamic the need for regular up gradation through reading books and newspaper also can not be ruled out.
    As they call it - Knowledge is power - there is no harm in acquiring it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Distance MBA is an advanced option which opens up new avenues and builds competitive skills for the dynamic workplace. It is a pathway develop knowledge and skills business functions like strategic planning, resource management, project delivery and reporting etc.
    However still, you should leave this route and think of the regular mode MBA if you are still a fresher or has just started working and can afford to pay the hefty MBA tuition fees. Any day, the regular MBA is preferred over the distance in the job market.
    if you already have good work experience and earn good money .the job for some reasons. Distance programmes are offered keeping in mind the convenience of the students who are generally working professionals. The mode of distribution of the course is very elastic and mainly takes place through online video lectures or webinars. Study materials are sent through online mode or email or by post in some universities. The assignments can also be submitted through online channels in most of the places.Yes, it is good for career growth.
    This shows your commitment towards learning in spite of various constraints
    gives you a degree which can help in promotion or a job in public or private sector, in case that's a requirement
    Gain knowledge and add accolades to your profile.
    You can go for higher studies.

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