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    Is 'Sanskrit' language taught in foreign universities also?

    Want to study Sanskrit abroad? Searching for information about the universities offering this program? Then on this Ask Expert page you can check out the responses.

    Is 'Sanskrit' language is taught in foreign universities also? Is there any likely advantage in completing higher studies in 'Sanskrit' language' abroad? Is there any scholarship available for such programs and what are the best foreign universities for such studies? Experts: awaiting your response.
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  • Sanskrit is considered as mother of all the languages in some parts of the world, particularly given importance in countries like India, Nepal, Indonesia and in the regions where the Hinduism is followed. It is important to note that even the core thoughts of Buddhism were in the Sanskrit language.

    The summer school in spoken Sanskrit at the South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg was attended by students from all over the world. About 254 students from 34 countries have participated in this course, the report says. The professor who organised the course said that for better understanding the genesis of oriental philosophy, history, languages, sciences and culture, it's essential to read the original Sanskrit texts as these are some of the earliest thoughts and discoveries.

    Dept of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures in Columbia University in US also offers higher education in Sanskrit. University of North Texas, University of Pennsylvania and University of Michigan made Sanskrit as one of the subjects in their departments of South Asian studies. Ministry of Human Resource Development has initiated sponsoring scholarships for those students who study Sanskrit as one of their subjects and also those who do research work in Sanskrit . You can visit their official website for more details.


  • As we all know Sanskrit is an ancient language of India that has been used for thousands of years as the language of religion.The Sanskrit language and its literature represent a continuous cultural tradition from the time of the Vedas in the second millennium B.C. down to the present age.

    This language has an extremely rich and complex grammatical structure and an enormous vocabulary. Sanskrit is closely related to Greek and Latin. English and other modern European languages are somewhat distant in relation to Sanskrit, which is also sometimes called the mother of all languages.

    To realise its prominence and importance as a worldwide language, it is very essential to know that this beautiful language or lipi is taught in various globally renowned universities the world over. Unable to cope with the great number of applications from around the world, an institute of University of Heidelberg, had to start a summer school in spoken Sanskrit in Switzerland, Italy and surprisingly in India too.

    In Germany, 14 of the top universities teach Sanskrit, and this number is four in the UK. Almost all European countries such as Finland, Austria, Belgium and many others have one or more institutes belonging to various acclaimed universities, which are teaching Sanskrit to a large number of students.

    In India one saying is quite prevalent, that "you can't really understand the ancient India and its history without the knowledge of Sanskrit".

    Let us inspire our younger generation or youth to learn Sanskrit, when other countries are taking so much interest in this great lipi why can't we escalate its popularity.

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