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  • Will a break of six months before study abroad hamper my career?

    Want to abroad? Wondering if a break of six months before study abroad hamper your career? Check out responses from experts here.

    I have to take a mandatory break of six months before I can start my study abroad. I am really worried. Will this break affect my career or job prospects? All my graduation studies are completed on a loan and I have taken a loan for study abroad. I am worried about getting a job otherwise I will not be able to repay the loan after my studies are completed. Experts: do advice.
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  • After successful completion of the study abroad course, the gap will not matter in case bonafide reasons are there and mentioned so in the resume. The employers generally don't dig history in the cases where outstanding grades are achieved in the final degree and requisite knowledge and skills are found existing in the candidate during assessment by the employers. In case any such opportunity of studying abroad is available, then the same should be availed at the earliest without pondering over speculative situations.

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  • Definitely not. However, during the job interview, you have to convince the interviewer thatyou have gainfully utilised the gap, may be by doing internship, or by doing some social service related to your work profile, etc.

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  • In case , you are able to show a justified reason for the break, there would not be any cause for you being panic. The genuine reasons may include your prolonged illness and of course, for this reason you have to produce the Fitness - certificate of a doctor registered with the Medical - council. In case, you were involved as a social - worker for the betterment of the society or have rendered your service where there had been break out of life - threatening diseases and with your active involvement, the situation could be brought to control.
    The best strategy for you would be to continue your studies with a missionary zeal so that the final outcome remains impressive.
    Your employers would see the pros and cons and analyse the situation in a rational way.

  • I strongly feel that a break of six months if used effectively will definitely not hamper your career or job prospects.

    A break before starting study abroad is good for various reasons. It gives you some time off from continuous studies of three/ four years. You can spend this time to prepare and shop, enhance your skills set and learn something new as per demand from the university. You may also learn simple cooking which may prove useful abroad. Use the break to prepare yourself with the skill set required to settle comfortably in the country abroad.

    On the other hand, a very worrisome situation regarding the loan!Study and score well. Enhance your CV with projects, internships, professional activities. Placement will become smooth sailing and thus loan repayment will be initiated.
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