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  • What is data analytics and in what field does it come in?

    Wondering about what data analytics is? Want to know who can make a career in this field? Then on this page: experts will provide you suggestions.

    I have recently read that data analytics is the next big field in today's market. I am curious about it and would like to know more. What is data analytics actually? In what sector does it belong to: IT field or engineering field? Also who can make a career in tihs field? Can commerce graduates make a career in this profession? Experts: please give your suggestions.
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  • Basic understanding of computerized system and application of computerized analytics tools are required in data analytics. The commerce graduates will have to therefore complete some computer program. It is not an engineering subject and can be said to be related to IT field. It depends on one's aptitude also to work on such systems. In nutshell analytics is discovery of useful patters in raw data and apply the same for useful purposes. Knowledge of statistics, computer programming and operations research is applied in this field.

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  • Data analytics is an extension of IT field and is concerned with examining large sets of raw data, identifying patterns and coming out with conclusions about the trends and information. This helps in better and faster decision making.
    Commerce graduates can make a career in this field if they have good logical and analytical skills, have sound knowledge of applied statistics, and know some tools like SAS and SPSS to start with.

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