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    Is distance mode of education good or bad?

    Confused whether to distance mode MBA is good or not? Want to know more about distance mode of education? Here on this page, experts will provide you advice.

    In the succeeding year I am preparing for Civil Services (to be given in 2017) by doing MBA in distance mode. Does distance mode MBA helps me to earn opportunities? If it helps suggest me some good colleges. If not, what is the right way to do MBA? Awaiting advice from experts.
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  • MBA is a good choice for the distance learning mode. You can flexibly adjust your schedules (if you have any business or job), study the same courses in lower costs and earn the same recognized University degree; all while being a distant student. Distance education blended with online learning, offers one of the best modes of learning these days. But it is limited to only a certain fields of study such as MBA, MCS or M.Com etc. Because doing more sophisticated studies like Engineering and Medicine studies require regular education. Considering the comparative pros and cons of distance learning vs regular education, you can verily say that "Distance learning is a great blessing for continuing education in such circumstances that otherwise won't allow you continuing your studies regularly"

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  • While the advantage of distance - learning is many fold - like continuation of your studies in any convenient time, less fee to be paid by way of tuition fee, the continuance of your regular job etc.
    Now looking for the value of your MBA qualification, it would not pay you much in the present market since there are plenty of candidates having such qualifications and hence the employers are now choosy. They certainly attach much importance to the candidates having a degree of management acquired from IIM. There are certainly some candidates passing out from Xavier School of Management who are also in great demand. Then there are top management colleges in India which impart quality education in the field of management.
    Under the prevailing circumstances, MBA course undertaken from distance education mode would pay you much. But the situation would be somewhat different if you are on the regular job dealing with purchase, marketing or computers and the addition of a degree of MBA even from distance education mode would enhance your job - prospects.

  • Hi,
    I will not suggest you to go for MBA if you strictly want your future in civil services. There is no combination between civil services and MBA.
    I would rather suggest you to try teaching which will enhance you knowledge and will support in preparations for civil services examinations.

    It is always better to target one and be focused for one.


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  • There is no direct relation between preparing for civil services examinations and doing MBA by distance learning mode. Also appearing in any competitive examination should not be a goal. Instead clearing the competitive examination should be the goal. One of the best options to complete MBA through distance learning mode is IGNOU. However OPENMAT conducted by IGNOU has to cleared. The minimum and maximum duration of the course is 2.5 years and 8 years respectively.

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  • I think, the author is little bit confused about his career. He has joined MBA and he has been continuing it in distance mode. Most probably, he is already working or he has not got opportunity to pursue MBA on full-time basis.
    MBA is a professional course in which admission is taken after completion of Graduation. So far as Civil Services Examination is concerned, the eligibility is Graduation. So he can appear in the Civil Services in 2017 without any problem. So far as time management is concerned, I feel he would be able to find time to study for CSE 2017 as he is doing MBA in distance mode.
    However, if the author qualifies the written test (Mains), he must be prepared to face question on his MBA subjects. He must also prepare thoroughly to justify his decision to pursue MBA on distance mode. Some Members of the Interview Board may also ask his opinion about the difference between distance mode and regular mode of study.
    there would be no discrimination for his distance mode of education.
    Best wishes!

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  • It depends what you want, If you target civil services and your area of interest is management related mains subject then definitely it help. It also help in term of understanding the market rule and managing skill for any project. Yes, it is true that regular MBA give you more exposure. But then it is difficult to prepare civil services simultaneously because you have to study large area of different subjects.
    There are many aspirant who crack civil services exam with correspondence course, in 2007 one got 7th AIR. As far as college are concerned, IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) Delhi is best for correspondence course.

    Hope your query resolve!

  • Preparing for civil services is an entirely different issue as compared to MBA. Learning any course through distant education mode mainly suitable for people who are working and does not find time to attend colleges. There are so many universities who are giving best course materials for distance education in MBA, out of which IGNOU Karnataka University Mysore University Bangalore University are good to pursue MBA through distance mode of education.

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