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    Problem in hearing due to accident.

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    I have a query about my ear. Currently I am 24 years old. I usually get cold during every season change from my childhood. The problem is that during cold if I use a flat pillow then after stopping running nose, dense cough sticks to the nose-ear channel. Next day onwards I become partial deaf for the next 2 to 3 days and then it automatically it clears out. When I was 16 my right ear leaked with blood and mucus. The doctor treated me but I have been hearing a little less in the right ear. Are there any chances of becoming deaf in future? Is there any treatment to resolve this problem? Awaiting advice from experts.
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  • The author should immediately consult a reputed and experienced ENT specialist who will be able to evaluate the gravity of the situation after thorough physical examination, taking into consideration the medical history and after carrying out necessary diagnostic tests. It is never advisable to neglect any medical condition and postpone consultation with medical professional.

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  • Have you consulted any doctor on this matter? If not you should do it now.

    Cold, sinusitis and other infections to the throat or ear can affect the ear also as Ear-Nose-Throat are inter connected. By nature some people are prone to easy infection. They need treatment for the event as well as take precautions to avoid succumbing to such issues.

    Some of the general precautions you may take are:

    1.Do not use or apply anything inside ears without doctor's instructions.

    2. Avoid cold and humid air hitting your ears . For this cover your ears with thick scarf or other suitable thing on journeys and when sleeping under fan.
    Avoid exposing to cold and humid morning or night atmosphere. Use scarf, muffler or ear caps and cover neck also.

    3. Avoid drinking chilled water, taking frozen cold items. Drink mildly warm water boiled with dry ginger, Tulsi etc

    4. Use common inhaler when having nose block,

    5.Apply comfortable steaming or fomenting to your neck, face and nose and below ears. Please be cautious not to burn your skin by applying very hot steam or water.
    6. Use some (anti-cold and anti-inflammatory) external applications of roll-ons and ointments containing the natural aromatic oils available in common in medical stores. If they are not much burning you may apply them below ear at the neck.

    Remove your fear of falling deaf. Prima facie your problem appears to be a common one, and mainly due to your not taking proper medical treatment when needed.
    Hence visit a qualified and experienced doctor immediately and take his advice and treatment.

  • Common cold and other viral conditions cause the ears to block but if there is any damage to the auditory nerve even because of common cold the loss is permanent. I would advice you to go to an ENT because if there is any infection that is causing temporary hearing loss then it can be treated with steroids and antibiotics. The sooner the treatment is started, the faster the recovery.

  • The conditions as depicted by you is treatable. First of all you should approach the ENT specialist to pin point the exact cause for the temporary loss of hearing and after the diagnosis of the Doctor, you would be able to know the real cause of your ailment. In case of infection, you would be prescribed antibiotics to address the issue.
    Alternarively, there are excellent medicines in Homoepathy and Biochemics and hence you may consult some reputed Homoeopath for addressing your issue.

  • Hi,
    I would suggest you to consult a doctor.
    The reason can be wax in your ears.

    In some problems, this wax secretion increases due to infection like cold which hinder the hearing process.
    In this case you should use Soliwax- an ear drop available on medical shops.

    In our body, Eye, Ear and Nose are closely connected and problem in one affects the other. In your case, your cold is affecting your ears a lot. This can be due to Sinus problem. If it is severe, then can get operated after doctor's consultation.

    For common precautions, avoid things which may cause cold.

    There are lesser chances that the problem is due to your childhood accident because you are facing it only when you are suffering with cold.


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