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    What is the DM degree in medical field? Is it same as MD degree?

    Want to know how the DM degree differs from an MD one? Understand the difference between these two medical professional degrees through the expert responses below.

    MD is a post graduation level medical degree which can be done after completing MBBS. I have heard that a few students do DM also after MD. What is the DM degree in medical field? Is it the same as MD degree or different? Which institutes in India offer such courses?
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  • MD Degree is Post-Graduation Degree in Medical field. Students are admitted in MD and MS (which stands for Master in Surgery) after completion of MBBS. On the other hand, DM degree is given for super-specialty courses. This is a higher level degree than MD or MS.

    Please check the link for detailed information and better understanding:

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  • DM – Doctorate of Medicine is a super specialty course done after post graduation (MD / MS) in Medical sciences.
    MD – Doctor of Medicine is a Post graduate course done after MBBS.
    DM degree is not same as MD degree, it is a superior master degree can be done after completing MD degree.

    There are various DM courses available different fields of medicine. The various DM course available in our country include
    Some of the important super specialty DM courses are
    DM - Cardiology
    DM ¬– Nephrology
    DM – Urology
    DM – Neonatology
    DM – Oncology
    DM – Rheumatology
    DM – Gastroeterology
    DM – Neurology
    DM - Pediatrics Cardiology
    DM - Clinical Pharmacology
    DM - Endocrinology
    DM - Clinical Immunology

    Only some reputed medical college with super specialty treatment facilities and highly reputed private institutions under DNB provide DM courses in our country but seats are very few only one and very 2 per institution.

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  • Hi,
    MBBS, MD, MS, DM, etc are various different courses in the field of medicine or doctor.

    After 12th, the interested candidates go for MBBS as initial phase. MBBS is a general course for becoming a doctor. But may students do not go for further specializations and become general doctors after their completion of MBBS degree.
    Where as some students wants specialization and register themselves for MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MS (Master in Surgery). These are equivalent to post graduation courses and gives specialization benefit to the candidates.

    After MD/MS, some students wants to study further in the same field and pursue DM which is equivalent to Doctorate course of medical line.

    There are many government as well private Medical colleges of Indiawhich are offering these courses at reasonable fee structure.
    Out standing candidate even can have benefit of scholarship programs running of many government organizations.


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