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    How to prepare for a laboratory assistant interview ?

    Looking out for information on how to prepare for a Laboratory assistant's interview for a big technological institute. Check out responses from experts on this page.

    I want to know how to prepare for a laboratory assistant interview in a big technological institute. What are the important essentials ? Do we need to take a lab coat during interview? Nothing is specified in instruction but I want to know because I don't have any previous experience of any interview. This is the first time. Experts: please provide all details for how to prepare for the interview.
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  • First things first. Be confident.

    Lab coat is not necessary as you are only going to appear for an interview. Just dress yourself in formals with a tie. With winter around the corner, you can also use a blazer (navy blue will be better).

    As far as preparation for interview questions in concerned, I presume you are already good with academics as you have cleared the written test. Apart from the academics, prepare yourself good with general questions like, introducing yourself, what do you know about the institute, why did you choose this job, where do you see yourself in some years from now etc.
    Also, if you have mentioned any hobby in you resume, expect some questions from there as well.

    In case you have some work experience, or have done internship or have been involved in any project work, prepare more on this front.

    Here if you have not mentioned if the institute, for which you are going to appear for interview, is government or a private institution. In case it is a government institute, you can also expect some general knowledge questions.

    Do take a look on interview day newspaper to take a not on any news belonging to your industry.

    Try not to look tense or nervous (as you might be as this is your first interview) and wear a gentle smile. Even if you come across some questions, do not get nervous as it will affect your response on next questions.

    At last, an interview day is just another day, so don't feel down if you do not fare well in interviews.

    Good Luck!!

  • My advice to a candidate for the interview would be as under:-
    1. The candidate must immediately prepare a professional resume taking professional help.
    2. He should do SWOT Analysis.
    3. He must list positive aspects and prepare questions on these issues.
    4. He should also list negative aspects and prepare questions on how to overcome these problems.
    5. Preparation of a list of general questions and 3-4 line answers in advance (e.g., Questions like 'where do you see yourself in our organisation in five years', or so).
    6. Reading newspapers and periodicals like GK Today regularly for current affairs is a must.
    7. Developing soft skills like English conversation, dress sense, etc. would be helpful.
    8. Having confidence on oneself. During the interview, if the candidate doesn't know about any particular issue, he must say so clearly. That would not be considered negative, because interviewers know that it is not possible for a person to know everything. But the candidate must not try to bluff the interviewers.
    9. Before going for the interview, the candidate must learn about the organisation from its website. This is important and successfully answering questions on the company makes the interviewers happy.
    10. The candidate must bid good-bye to the interview board members on completion of the interview.

    For the specific question regarding interview for the post of Lab. Assistant is concerned, my specific advice would be:-
    (a) Lab. coat is not required for the interview. But you should wear decent clothes for this purpose.
    (b) Thoroughly prepare Chemistry and various experiments. Read about properties of various compounds, reagents, etc. frequently used in Labs.
    (c) More specifically, check the website of the institute, try to understand what sort of work is done in the Labs of the institute and prepare accordingly.
    (d) Try to contact seniors of your college or faculty-members, and try to understand what sort of questions are asked in this type of interview.

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  • In my opinion, during interview for assistant level jobs, the focus of the interviewer will be on assessing the functional capability of the candidate. More questions are likely to be asked about the tests etc. which the candidate is supposed to perform after selection. The website of the company should be studied well to gauge as to what types of tests the candidates will have to perform and the same should be studied well. In case modern instrumental analysis is required to be carried out, then the working principles of such instruments should also be studied well.
    As far as personality traits are concerned, the same are also evaluated by the interviewers. The author should not try to be excessively smart and be honest and sincere in his approach.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • Some of the suggestions for attending the interview are given below:
    1. The first thing required is self confidence.
    2. The candidate should prepare thoroughly for the question "Tell about yourself" because this is the first question generally asked in most of the interviews. The candidate should mainly tell his achievements and strengths clearly to prove his worth for the post he is going to appear.
    3. The candidate should collect background details of the institute by visiting their website or by other means.
    4. Based on the information collected, he should revise basic knowledge of the subject (like definitions, details of lab equipments, how they work, experimental procedures, etc) and latest emerging trends in the field.
    5. He should answer all the questions confidently without any tension.

    The interviewer generally check the suitability of the candidate for the particular post.

    Since it is a formal interview, the candidate can attend the interview with a formal dress in disciplined manner.

    All the best.

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  • You situation is obvious as you are facing this for the first time.
    Below is the list you may consider for an interview-
    1. Be confident, whether you are prepared or not.
    2. be polite while answering the questions asked by the interviewer.
    Try to interact like a conversation and not like a Question- Answer session.
    This way they will judge your capacity to learn things.
    3. Wear comfortable but decent clothes. If you are going for some big organization, prefer formal get up.
    The color of shirt should light if not white.
    4. Before making your entry, please seek their permission.
    5. When asked to sit for an interview, try to minimize the noise of chair while sitting. It counts under your body language and etiquette.
    6. Do prepare from the designation related area. This will increase your compatibility with the vacancy.
    7. Prepare points for- why they should hire you. This is very common question in interviews.


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