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    Career and job guidance for qualified MBA marketing candidate

    Need guidance to find a job with MBA marketing qualification? Check out the suggestions provided below.

    I completed my MBA(Marketing), in the year April(2011), but still I am Searching for a "Good Job". I have got 3yrs 3 months experience in coordination and Administration, the company name is (B K Automation), which is purely into the "Automation Sector", which is not in to my profile , but still I have worked for them, instead of sitting simply idle. However, now I have been removed due to contract problem in the year April 16 (2015 ). Now already 8 months are over and I am not getting a job. I request guidance to address my problem.
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  • The definition of a 'good job' is relative. One job may be good for an individual which not be good for another individual. But one thing is common to all individuals. Any job is a good job compared to remaining unemployed. The job which is in hand should be treated as the best job and 100 percent should be given to that job for survival and retention in the job. The author may continue his efforts to find a suitable job without any self imposed condition. Even a low paying job at a remote location also may be considered for joining compared to remaining unemployed.

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  • Hi,
    Do not leave hope and try for job again and again. There are lots of opportunities for MBA candidates and chances are even higher for marketing people.
    You can consider below mentioned points-
    1. Keep trying for job and do not apply for very high profile job. Since you have no experience in marketing and now 8 months gap, it will not difficult to get a high profile job.

    2. Do not judge any job profile on the salary- compensation basis. Just accept the proposal.
    Once you start working, give your the best and obviously your employer will know your worth.

    3. Since you have good experience in Automation, you can continue with the same field and can apply for related jobs. Many times, the degree does not matters but experience matters a lot.

    4. You can also go for some short term courses as per your choice. This will enhance your professional skills and will be able to over take your 8 months gap.

    5. As you have done your MBA, you may start your own business if you have proper back up support. Sitting idle is the worst thing which only degrades your value.


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  • Since you have had the experience in Automation - field, you may again look for the job in the same field. You may contact your ex boss for the suitable guidance and absorption somewhere else where your ex boss recommends you. A lucrative salary should not be the main consideration at this stage. May be your talk with your ex boss would be fruitful.
    If you desire, you may take up some tuitions of class 11 and 12 in the science subjects which fascinated you substantially. Even if you are not a science graduate, there are demand of teachers involved in teaching in Arts and Commerce stream. To sum up, you must exploit the oppurtunities in your favour. In that way, you would not have any negative feeling due to influx of money with your prudent management of the situation. Your sincerity in this field would be recognised soon and you may come across with lucrative offers in the teaching- area.
    You may even start a business in your chosen field. I think you might have gained some expertise by virtue of your MBA qualification in Marketing.

  • Hi ,
    As you are marketing graduate but with no experience in marketing as such . Then try getting job of sales because no one will give you core marketing job because you are still fresher for that. Try sales job which is available in market get hold of sales profile & then try for marketing job.

    You can try sales job in automation sector which will be easy for you . You have knowledge of automation so you can sell better.

  • Marketing is the interface between the prospective buyers and the business entity. There is tremendous potential for a marketing expert.
    It is a fact that due to a large number of qualified persons available, the job position is not very good, still to start with some job may not be so lucrative in a company or enterprise is to be accepted. Until unless you are in a job you do not know the intricacies of the business world and the competitive environment in which all of us are sailing.
    In the beginning there is no such thing as free lunch. Everything and every position in a job or switching of jobs requires lot of pondering. There are examples that people got job of their liking after number of changes from one company to other and in many cases they came to their earlier company at a higher position.
    Persistence is the keyword in career planning. Risk taking is also sometimes rewarded. We have to see a long term perspective and not only today's gain.
    A good marketing person can make a niche in the company very soon. Remember no achievement comes in short time. A continuous hard work and knowledge up gradation is the prerequisite.
    Wishing a successful career in marketing.

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