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    Can I learn cinematic dance at the age of 32?

    Want to live your dream of becoming a dance teacher? On this page experts will advice on how to go about it.

    I am a housewife aged 32 and I love dancing. I want to become a Dance teacher and make my dream come true. Is it too late to learn dancing? How can I make my body more flexible at this age? How many months practice is needed to be a good dance teacher? Experts: do resolve my doubts.
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  • There is nothing impossible.
    Everything can be achieved with strong determination and hard work in the same direction.
    You can also be a good dancer even at the age of 32.
    You just need to believe in your self.

    Few steps you need to follow:-
    1. If you are holding good body weight, then you need to start with some work outs including Yoga and Aerobics.
    Yoga and aerobics helps to make your body flexible.

    2. You can have a trainer for yoga and Aerobics because if these activities are not done as per guidelines, these do not give results.

    3. You may also need to follow some strict diet plans for maintain your body weight.

    4. Once you are all ready, get one dance teacher and start your dance coaching.

    The duration varies depending upon your body type, your learning capability and the time you can give on per day basis.

    During initial days, you may have some body pains but you have bear that to have your dream come true.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

  • You can be anybody you want to. And age is definitely not a bar unless you make yourself look old. The reason being is that you have some goals in mind so it's upto you to follow them. For example, dancing is your passion. So either do cinematic or classical. Just take first step towards your dream and this way you can get ahead. If you just put some sort of mental obstacle then you won't be able to learn. Age is bar when you have people surrounded who take such doubts on you. Those who let you set free don't end up that way. That's what I have learned from my experience.

  • Vinod, age is no bar for leaning anything. If you are confident and determined then why not, enrol for the classes, do not worry about what others say.

    Make your body flexible, go for walks, In the beginning it may seem difficult, but as you practice, it becomes easy for the body movements to be picked up. Be regular in your work and practice consistently. Training and hard work will make you to reach your goal.

    Eat healthy food to keep you fit and active. Have a balanced diet, include leafy vegetables, fruits, cereals, wholesome grains and lean proteins. Keep a check on your body weight. If you gain weight it becomes difficult to practice, learn the steps/moves easily and you get tired.

    Make your dream come true, it is good to train young children in dance, this would help to keep your self active and being in the company of children gives you happiness.

    There are different levels in learning the dance, interact with a dance teacher to get a better idea about the particular type of dance you wish to learn, according to your choice, your age and your personality and the time duration for learning the dance.

    To make your body flexible, learn simple yoga exercises, exercises like stretching, bending, swinging arms can be practised, avoid watching too much of TV. Indulge in activities that makes your body to work.

    If you have any medical issues consult the doctor seek advice and act accordingly.
    Wishing you the best.

  • Learning any new art or skill is not limited by age. The only things that can limit you are formalities and procedures laid out by schools, stages and other performing arenas.

    And also that you have to stick on to your desires and get inspiration from them to complete your course of learning and gaining mastery in the art.

    Some dance academy/teachers/gurus take you through in 1 or 2 years, while there can be certain long term courses which are for 7 to 8 years as well.

    You must continually practice as well.

    To prepare yourself, I would suggest you to take part in activities which will improve your endurance, strength and flexibility of the body.
    To gain thus, you have to first set your sequence of objectives. Pick from the below and make your own sequence:
    - Destress
    - Detox
    - Fitness
    - Relaxation
    - Weight Management

    I have placed the above in alphabetical order. But to get you into perfect action, you might have to go through the above, step by step.

    Now to gain the same, you might check the following ways by which you attain your objectives and enter into dancing practice:

    - Yoga - Asanas + Concentration + Meditation
    - Massage - depending on your locality (Ayurveda/Spa/Tibetan/Siddha healing etc)
    - Acupuncture
    - Nutrition management
    - Music Therapy
    - Fitness - Weight/Cardio/Strength/body circuits/kinesis training
    - Water therapies

    As you gain more stability through these in the initial phase and also through continual practice, you will be able to perform more skilfully.

    Hope this answers your queries

  • Before starting career as a dance teacher, the author will have to learn dancing herself. There is no age bar for learning. It depends on the motivation level, quality of the teacher and availability of adequate time for learning and practicing. Since the city in which the author resides is not revealed, it is not possible to suggest institutes for learning. The duration of learning will depend on the time devoted for the same.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • Learning never ends in life. if you want to learn anything in your life at any age, first you have to lock yourself with 3 "D" (Dedication, Determination & Destination).
    Its great If finally you have decided to become a teacher in Dancing. First you have to manage your timing with your family & your passion.

    Don't think so much, go ahead & search for good institute of Dancing.
    All the best.

  • Yes learning to dance is easy at the age of 32 only if you dont have babies. It is because to learn dance in a short span of time you will have to give most of your time in dancing rather than taking care of your children.
    If you are able to cope up with the above factor then from today itself join any dancing institute and start dancing. When it comes to flexibility and other factors of the body it will automatically get fit and flexible once you start dancing. I have seen many people dance just for personal fitness so there is no doubt that dancing will keep you in shape irrespective of your age.
    When it comes to becoming a professional dancer it will take nearly 18 months to expertise in a particular style of dancing. After this you can open your own institute or join any institute as a dance teacher.

  • Greetings

    There is no age to start learning, just efforts required little more. As you mentioned you love dancing and its your dream definitely you can learn and live your dream. Now passion is one thing which is a driving tool but you have to compensate your body flaws with your efforts and discipline. For flexibility you can start with basic regular exercise and stretching if required two times a day. Join good institute under guidance of good teacher to learn dancing, as your age is little more you must not strain your body also things are learnt slowly and body responds to exercise even slower so have patience and maintain discipline.
    My personnel suggestion will be if you want to do it , do it because its your passion not for a career or financial mean, of course you will have career if you are good. Don't hesitate just go for it.

    Best of luck

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