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    Pus formation and culture tests

    Looking out for solution to pus formation? Find responses from experts on this page.

    How can the continued pus formation be stopped? And how the culture test reveals that what kind of antibiotics should be prescribed? how can a person who is having pus formed on his lower back near tail bone can be cured?
    Experts: do suggest medication.
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  • This answer is just for general awareness. Specific treatment should be taken by meeting a qualified doctor only.

    Pus formation is only an indication that there is infection. Pus is the discharge from the infected tissues mainly consisting of the dead and destroyed white blood corpuscles which were fighting the infection attack, along with some body fluid etc. Pus or discharge smear or swab taken from the affected part will also contain the fungus or bacteria causing the infection in small amount.
    The thickness, colouration and quantity of pus discharge and area of pus accumulation may indicate the extent of infection.

    Culture test is growing under lab conditions the same bacteria or fungi causing the infection to grow into sufficient quantity under artificially created growth conditions so that they can be examined under microscope and other examinations to identify the family and specie of the bacteria. Once the causative bacteria is identified specific treatment can be prescribed.

    The infected body part has to be examined by a qualified and experienced doctor to diagnose the case and give suitable medical advice and treatment.

  • A physician can provide the most appropriate answer to the question.

    However, generally speaking, pus formation in a particular part of the body indicates infection in that part.

    Culture test is a procedure to culture (to produce) bacterium and/or fungus which has caused the infection, in adequate quantity in lab, so that the microorganism responsible for the infection can be properly examined and effective treatment can be initiated.

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  • Pus formation is an indication of immunity based reactions caused against any infection.
    These infections can be air borne, water borne or any other and can occur in any part of the body.
    For infection, even a small sore on skin is sufficient to initiate the reaction. So, to avoid such infections and hence pus formations, one should make sure to have clean skin externally.
    Always cover the sores where ever possible to avoid infections.

    Once pus formation has started, we should consult a doctor for cleaning because it can get spread further.
    Doctor may also prescribe oral antibiotics if required.


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