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    Do the zoo authorities still breed Hobra?

    Searching for information about Hobra? wondering if zoo officials still breed Hobra? On this page, you will find the answers you are looking for.

    Around 10 years ago, a newspaper article appeared in the Times of India stating that the only Hobra (Horse+Zebra) in India died in the Mumbai zoo. This Hobra took birth because of mating between a Horse and a Zebra in a Mumbai Circus. As this was against the law, the animal was taken away by the wildlife official and put in the Mumbai zoo. This Hobra was not shown to the visitors of the zoo.

    I am feeling curious to know whether Hobra is still bred all over the world. Hobra-breeding is relatively easy considering the fact that Horse and Zebra are very similar animals.

    Experts: do respond to my query.
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  • The cross-breed of a horse and a zebra is known as Zebroid (and zorse), not Hobra. Zebroids have been bred since nineteenth century. You'll be glad to know that even Charles Darwin wrote about Zebroids in 'On The Origin of Species'. Afterwards, many writers from 19th and 20th century also wrote about Zebroids. It's difficult to say that do zoo authorities still breed Zebroids because as soon as one of those breeds is born, biological departments take the matter in their hands. If you are interested in knowing more about Zebroids, please refer to Reference URL provided.

  • There are zoo around the world who try to have hybrids to avoid any specific species from going extinct. The white tigers and the zebras were preserved that way. White tigers were mated with the lions too. However such hybrids often resulted in not healthy and their mortality span is low. So most of the zoos are given guidelines on when and at what particular time span they should be going for the hybrid. Different zoos have different rules forced on them.

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