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    What is the highest amount of temperature recorded and produced on earth?

    wondering about the highest and the lowest temperature recorded on the earth? Find responses from experts here.

    Temperature is one of the characteristics of any object or system. Currently research is moving towards achieving highest and lowest temperature on earth. I want to know what is the highest amount of temperature recorded and produced on earth? When and where? By whom?
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  • On 13 September 2012 the World Meteorological Organisation disqualified the record for the highest recorded temperature, exactly 90 years after it had been established at El Azizia, Libya, with a measurement of 58 C. The official highest recorded temperature is now 56.7 C (134 F), which was measured on 10 July 1913 at Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, California, USA. In China (Ayding Lake, Turpan, Xinjiang) 50.3 °C (122.5 °F) is the highest temperature measured on 24 July 2015.

  • The hottest temperature the man kind have ever encountered is in Large Hadron Collider. When the gold particles were smashed together, for a split second temperature reaches 7.2 trillion degrees Fahrenheit. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the largest man made experimental facility built by European Organization for Nuclear Research beneath the France–Switzerland border near Geneva, Switzerland. More than 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries, as well as hundreds of universities and laboratories had collaborated in building the facility.

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  • El Azizia, Libya has recorded the hottest temperature on the earth. The temperature in the valley is the highest recorded and there are no living animals in that place.

    Another place is "Danakil Depression" which has the active volcano on earth. And that place has the highest temperature in that place. You can't get close to this place when you reach few hundred meters close to this depression. There are different gases in the places and also the atmosphere is not good fro any living being.

    Third place that has moderate temperature but high radiation. This place is called "Elephants Foot" in Chernobyl. If you get there in 300 seconds you are going to die.

    Depending on the volcano, radiation and the solar rays each place has high temperature and radiation.

  • Highest Temperature RECORDED on Earth
    Highest temperature recorded on earth according to WMO (World Meteorological Organization) is 56.7 degrees Celsius or 134.1 degrees Fahrenheit in Furnace Creek Ranch of California in Death Valley of United States of America on July 10, 1913. Before this is confirmed, the record is thought to be 57.8 degrees Celsius or 136 degrees Fahrenheit recorded in El Azizia, Libya on 13 September, 1922 until it was decertified by WMO claiming it was a human error. Highest reliable record is at Death Valley itself and is equal to 53.9 degrees Celsius or 129 degrees Fahrenheit recorded 5 times on
    1) 20 July 1960
    2) 18 July 1998
    3) 20 July 2005
    4) 07 July 2007
    5) 30 June 2013 respectively.

    Highest Temperature PRODUCED on Earth
    Highest temperature produced on earth is about 4 trillion degrees Celsius or 7.2 trillion degrees Fahrenheit which is equal to about 250,000 times the temperature of the core of the sun. A trillion is equal to one lakh crores or a one followed by twelve zeroes. You can imagine how big the value is. This amazing work is done on June 25, 2012. This temperature is produced inside the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider or RHIC which is about 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles underground track where gold nuclei are smashed under conditions that existed about a millionth of a second after the Big Bang (formation of the Universe). On August 13, 2012 this record is smashed by LHC (Large Hadron Collider) which produced temperature of about 5 trillion degrees Celsius or 10 trillion degrees Fahrenheit.

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