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    Email id`s of schools - all India

    Looking out for database of email ids of all Indian schools? Find responses from experts on this page.

    It is important today that we need email id`s for better communication. Although we have other communication modes like mobile phones, telephone etc., but still, to exchange the media files, data files etc., we should have a medium and that is email. How to get the email ids of the schools across the country?
    Awaiting responses from experts.
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  • ISC have contact information of most of the schools in India. You can search with school name or just state or city.

    Chitra Rana

  • There is a number of schools which have no email id.Though first of all the schools have to create there own email id. Then the accessing of all the schools are difficult because each district consist of several schools which are government or private.

  • I am very much interested in knowing the reason of collection.

    There is no need of email ids for all the school in normal life.
    Are you preparing some school based data for some thing related?

    Now days, most of the reputed schools have their own websites with their address details and contact details. You can search the information through internet.
    For other small schools, you need to meet the administration of that particular school personally.


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  • You should watch the website:
    You find your state Govt. schools from BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION of your state.
    As per RTI act, you will find your information from Govt. website.

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