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    Eligibility for B.Ed. after engineering

    Wondering whether it is possible to pursue B.Ed. after completing B.Tech. program in India? Get a quick answer to this doubt and also learn about distance learning options in B.Ed.

    I have done my B.Tech. in electronics and communication. I completed my course in 2011. Now I want to pursue my career in teaching but don't know how to start. Am I eligible for B.Ed. or not? Also, what are my options for distance learning in B.Ed.? Please guide me.
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  • I am happy you are interested in teaching field. It would be my pleasure to explain how you can enter teaching field after BTech.

    The first option you have is taking up B.Ed. A person who has completed B.Tech is surely eligible for B.Ed. You can either go for regular degree or correspondence. A lot universities providing Regular B.Ed ask for 1-2 years experience in teaching field. You can also take up correspondence B.Ed from reputed distance education universities in India like IGNOU, Amity etc. But you need to know its a two-year course.

    Second option you have is taking up Post Graduate Diploma in International Education. Not many are aware of this course, but there are few institutions in India who provide certification course in international education. A lot of IB schools are coming up in India. These are schools affiliated to Cambridge University and they recruit teachers who have completed courses in International Education. This is usually 10 months to 1 year course but trust me, pay scales are quite high if at all you get placed in an IB school.

    Third option you have is, get a decent Masters degree like M.Tech and write and entrance exam like NET, SLET which will gives you eligibility for lectureship and you can see yourself placed in teaching Engineering or degree College. You can also apply for Government Teaching Vacancy.

    All the Best.


  • First of all, I must appreciate your stand which you are likely to take up.
    Since your Engineering degree is a graduate degree, so there exists a scope for your persuasion in B.Ed degree.
    In this context, I would recommend you to have a regular degree course of B.Ed from a recognised university in order to enhance your chance to be selected as a teacher. However, you have to show in your application - form that you have had an exposure in teaching line for at least two years. The other option, in this regard would be to take up this course from IGNOU- a known reputed University providing education as a distance mode. The most advantageous part by going through distance mode in IGNOU is the management of your time if you want to persue your job in your related field.
    The other alternative is to take up M.Tech course in Electronics and Telecommunications from a recognised University and by clearing the NET test, you can make your entry in the field of education as a lecturer in a Government Engineering college. NET is the essential criteria for absorption in Government Engineering colleges provided one has not pursued a doctorate degree in one's stream. This condition is waived for an aspirants having a doctorate degree in the relevant field. In that way, you would be enjoying decent pay- packet by joining a Government Engineering College. However, in a private Engineering college, such condition is not required. Even by doing BE in a particular stream is sufficient to apply in such Institutions and you will be offered the post of Lecturership after your satisfactory performance in the Interview.

  • Any Bachelor's degree holder is eligible to join B.Ed., course. For a person with Bachelor's degree in Engineering, B.Ed is not required to enter into teaching profession in a technical institute. The Polytechnics take First class Degree holders in Engineering as Lecturers. A master's degree in Engineering is more preferable. The rules differ from one State to the other. There will be different selection processes also. For Private Polytechnics, the management of the institute will conduct interviews and appoint the Lecturers.
    The teaching posts in Engineering colleges require a Post Graduate degree in Engineering and preferably A Doctorate in Engineering. The selection criteria differs from one State to the other.
    Teaching is a very good profession and as a retired teacher of a Polytechnic, I strongly advise you go for teaching profession. The teaching posts in Technical Institutes are well paid as they come under the pay scales of AICTE. Wish you good luck.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • I strongly defer from all the above answers.
    To take up a job as an engineering faculty, MS/ME/ MTech or higher degree is mandatory as per AICTE norms. If you apply for a faculty position as a graduate, then you may get a temporary job, but it will never be converted into a permanent one.

    There is no need to do DEd or BEd. The Education degree will not enhance your teaching skills in engineering in any way whatsoever since the BEd curriculum is not geared for engineering skills. Also forget any distance learning degree. For technical teaching skills: faculty in engineering colleges attend short term programs in TTTI -Technical Teacher's Training Institutes. This is the way to gain your teaching skills and not BEd.

    Even there is no need to give NET/SET exam. Since this is not an eligibility criteria for applying for a faculty position.

    So my advice would be : go ahead and register for PG program in your relevant stream in the coming academic year- 2016-2017. The first year is basically course work. You can get a part time teaching position in the second year, which is basically only project. Once your project is nearly completed, you can easily get recruited in the same college or you can apply elsewhere.
    There is a dearth of faculty in engineering colleges. so this is a good career choice, an opportunity to grow your career and later even take up doctoral studies.

    For the ISCian experts: I would like to say that : we need to provide expert advice only if we are an expert or are aware of the actual situation. It is better not to give advice than giving wrong advice and misleading someone!
    The answer is based on 22 years of teaching experience in various engineering college.s

    Autograph your work with excellence!

  • Read the question time and again. In my opinion, the author is very much confused about his/her career. Is he/she going to join as a school teacher? For joining a school as a teacher, B.Ed degree is necessary. For joining faculty position in an Engineering College, a person must obtain M.E or M.Tech degree from a recognised university.

    Very unfortunately, some of the earlier answers are not factually accurate.

    “Khamosh rahoon toh mushkil hain, keh doon toh shikayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But if I speak, they complain.) --------- Saba Afghani

  • I agree with the view of Dr.Seema. What is the need to think for B Ed option after pursuing B Tech? Really a question beyond imagination. The response is not to discourage you, if your question is in true sense. Firstly, no Teaching Training Institute allows you to get admitted in B Ed Course. I am citing the example of one of the Degree colleges where B Sc in Applied Chemistry, Mineral Beneficiation and Materials Handling are taught as major subjects. While B Sc Applied Chemistry students with Maths and Physics are allowed to join B Ed course while the others who have done MB and MH are not permitted. Same is the case with B Tech. It is a professional course and question of allowing you to B Ed doesn't arise.

    If at all, you are interested in teaching profession, B Tech graduates are eligible to join as lecturers and you can ty your luck. As others have suggested, go for M Tech through GATE and jump into teaching profession in Technical & Engineering Institutes.


  • @Seema Shah
    As mentioned above by me to get a faculty position in a Polytechnic as Lecturer, the required qualification is B.Tech with First Class. If it is not so, give the AICTE notification number which says M.Tech is the minimum qualification for Lecturer post in a Ploytechnic, so that I can correct myself.

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  • @ Rao
    For polytechnic BTech will suffice. But the career growth is very gradual in polytechnic. Many polytechnic teachers migrate to engineering degree college for better prospects. in many cases polytechnic teaching experience is not considered valid for engineering degree faculty position.

    Autograph your work with excellence!

  • The staff pattern in a Polytechnic is as follows. Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Head of the Department, Principal, Regional Director etc., depending on how the posts are designated. Even in the case of delay in promotion from one cadre to the other, the pay scales will be enhanced to the next cadre in a time bound manner.
    Since the question is asked by a B.Tech candidate, I have given him the option of a career in Polytechnic. It is for him to decide. If he opts for a faculty position in a Polytechnic, he starts earning with his present qualification. Otherwise he has to acquire a postgraduate qualification and opt for a faculty position in an Engineering College.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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