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    Information about MBBS from a renowned college/university

    Want to study MBBS? Wondering how to prepare for entrance exams? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I am a student of class 12 and want to do MBBS from a renowned institute. I am nervous for giving AIPMT and CPMT for the first time. Can experts assist in my preparation for medical entrance exam?
    What are the various ways of studying so that I can crack AIPMT or CPMT this time itself? I don't want to drop a year since it is a wastage of time.
    Expert: do advice earnestly.
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  • Since the author has already completed studies for more than twelve years in clearing 10+2 level, the preparation so far will matter, not only the studies during the next few months. In case the fundamentals and concepts are clear about the relevant subjects, then it may not be that much difficult to prepare as only revision/updation and learning techniques of scoring maximum possible marks in a competitive environment will be required. There appears no need of feeling nervous as it will not help in any way. Joining a reputed coaching class may help in learning the technique, keeping oneself abreast with the information about the examination and being among students with similar aspirations.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • The best way to prepare for the medical - test is to follow your NCERT text - book seriously and an effort should be made to clarify your doubt at each stage so that there is a total grasp of the subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In all the medical tests including AIPMT or CPMT, the questions are set in such a way that you must have a thorough knowledge of the subjects being taught in 10+2 level. Questions set in the test may create ambiguity if the chapters are not thoroughly revised and understood. Hence much emphasis should be given on the clarity of the subjects.
    Joining the contact - session of any premiur Institute like Akash, Kota classes etc would be helpful in alleviation of your doubts. In such contact - classes, eminenent professors are available in the classes who take enough pain to wipe out your difficulties with which you are facing.
    Positive - spirit, Clarity of the subjects and Consistency in relation to preparation are the vital tools to achieve success.

  • Isn't it a little late to start preparing for major competitive examinations which you desire to appear for this year! Students wanting to compete in AIPMT & CMPT begin preparing years in advance. I don't want to dishearten you, but please know that to be able to get yourself admitted in a prestigious institution your preparation should be up to the mark.

    Anyhow here are some tips that you can use –

    1. Befriend NCERT text books, not just the books on Biology, but also Physics and Chemistry. You should know everything in these books like the back of your hand. So, revise thoroughly the syllabus from 11th and 12th std books. These should be your primary material for studies.
    2. Practice question papers of the previous years. While going through these papers you will see the pattern of questions, which can help you prepare for the exams better. Instead of focusing on previous year test papers of AIPMT & CPMT, also attempt the question papers of other similar exams, such as AIIMS & JIPMER.
    3. Know the syllabus well, so you know which topics to study. Here is a subject wise guide that can come in handy:

    • Physics – Optics, Nuclear physics, Mechanics and Thermodynamics
    • Chemistry – Chemical bonding, Mole concept, Periodic table, Coordination chemistry and General organic chemistry
    • Biology – Genetics, Reproduction in animals & plants, Cell Biology, Physiology of animals & plants, Morphology of animals & plants, Ecology & environment and Basics of Biotechnology
    4. Reference books and MCQs – MCQs are where you can score, but can be difficult to score because you have to know the exact answer. Practice MCQs from reference books and online portals.
    5. Don't ignore topics. For instance don't think Botany will not feature in the tests. Be thorough in all chapters in PCB.
    6. Mock tests are your second best friend. You can opt for online portals or join a coaching institution where you can do a lot of practice tests. These tests are conducted in real life environment, giving you the feel of a real test. They take away the fear of the test and also allow you to gauge where you stand. An analysis of your result will prevent you from repeating mistakes and correct your weaknesses.
    7. Daily study is important. This helps establish a pattern where you know you have to revise your syllabus and also keeps the lessons fresh in your mind. Follow different modes of studying and make a game of remembering things. Make a song of a formula and you'll never forget it.
    8. It is a competitive test, so don't expect questions to be simple. The questions will be twisted and will require analytical approach. Get a lot of practice doing chemistry and physics numerical problems to be prepared for the tests.
    9. Don't panic. Follow a systematic study pattern. Cover all chapters, focus on topics that you are weak in, practice until you gain perfection. The more you practice and revise, the better your chances of cracking AIPMT and CMPT.
    10. Lastly, focus on your diet and get enough rest. Your mind needs to be fresh to assimilate what you study and your body needs to be strong to be able to withstand the pressure.

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