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    Career guidance about eligibility for job based on skills and talent and not qualification

    Wondering if it is possible to get a job based on your skills and talent and not on academic qualification? Get expert career advice on which type of jobs you can get even if not a graduate.

    There is a friend who had scored marks in 10th and 60% in 12 non-medical..and he has completed his BCA 1 year. He is not able to complete or clear his BCA 2nd year so he dropped out of his college & and he is doing job in outbound calling process from past 1 yr. I want to know: if he is not able to complete his graduation, he is not eligible for any good job with good salary package? As I am aware, graduation is a must for being recruited in any IT company or any MNC for a good job. However, if the person is performing much more better than the degree holders, surely he should be given a chance? After all, the degree or or high marks does not matter if the person is not able to perform work, whereas the person who does not hold degree can perform the same work more efficiently than any degree holder. As earlier it happened with him where he was doing job...he was given chance for being placed at higher position because he is performing much better than others, but when they get to know that he is not a graduate than he is being recruited for that positions even if he is able to perform that work much better than that degree holders. So can you suggest where he can get a good job with salary package and being recruited on the basis of his skills,work or talent and not on the basis of qualification. Note that he also has good communication skills.
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  • In Government sector and organised sectors like registered companies, the recruitment is made only by following a well defined system in which minimum educational qualification is also preset.
    It is therefore not possible to get employment in the organised sector without fulfilling minimum educational qualification criteria.
    However in unorganized sector, the owners of such entities can take decision about relaxation of such educational qualification criteria etc. based on the skill of the individual, as they wish.
    Moreover there is very stiff competition in the MNC etc. and even so many candidates having minimum educational qualifications and even higher educational qualifications are not able to get a chance as another candidate having better credentials becomes available.
    Therefore, in my opinion, the author should be happy and content with whatever opportunity becomes available to him depending upon his educational qualifications and skills and try his best to achieve best possible results by doing hard work.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • Minimum prescribed qualilification is essential in Government - jobs, in Public - undertakings and in certain MNCs. Even though a candidate is exceptional and outstanding in his field, he may not get any relaxation in terms of minimum qualification. However, there are numerous ways to enhance the qualification in your related field so as to enjoy the benifit of promotion and you are not deprived of your overdue promotion.
    In most of the Public - undertakings especially in the Production - units, AMIE is the most sought after Examinatin which would pave the way for acclerated promotion and the aspirant would be treated at par with other aspirants having achieved B.Sc (Engg) degree. There are other industrial - qualifications - such as Indian Institute of Metals, All India Institute of chemists which can enhance the knowledge and expertise of the candidates.
    To sum up, there is no need to be over stressed owing to non -possession of the basic qualification. One can look out the options how such qualifications can be added so that tangible benifits can be obtained.
    In fact, there is always consideration of your talents and experience in private sectors and one gets liberal emoluments and parks on the basis of one's ability. So, you should not be sad and gloomy on this account. Search the advertisements appearing on the leading News- papers which would fit your requirements. You would be definitely rewarded for your capability.

  • You are saying he has good communication skill so working in BPO/KPO. It is also a good job then why are you bothering about the job then? I want to ask you one thing in this manner.
    Here is my query:
    Working in MNC or IT filed job is only a job? Not other jobs are jobs?

    What I want to say is: If he has good communication skills then there are number of jobs for him to do and earn monthly wise salary.

    Here is my list which suits to your friend:
    1. Journalist - There is no already prepared script. Selections will be based on how you are acting at the spot. Suppose take an incident like, somewhere something happen. You should visit the place and describe the incident how it was happen. That's all. You didn't mention your place in the query. Actually in Telangana one TV channel recruiting journalists and running a program to the persons who want to become a journalist called "Lakshya" (I don't remember exactly the place and venue). Search for the opportunities like this. May be in your place also programs running but many times we are unaware of these things. Read News Papers and district editions as in it you can find number of advertisements for these kinds of guys. Go through the link for Journalist job details.
    2. Radio Jakie: If your friend really interested in music and having good rhetoric then go for this job. You can as part time and full time too. Selections will be done based on your talking power like how you can attract the people.
      Teacher: Your friend can take classes to the kinder garden children's (playing with kids) or up to 7th standard or sometimes up to 10th standard (Regional language school if it is) and so that he might be develop some interest and in future he may complete his degree so that it will be helpful to grab more opportunities in future.
    3. Marketing Managers: Good presentation skill, talking capacity and talking in a convincing manner is enough. It is also better career option for your friend.
    4. Online work: Like writing articles, Multimedia marketing, sharing content etc. It may not fetch you more money at the current time but if you focus in this work then in the future you will earn huge money.
    5. Social worker
    6. Online researcher
    7. Publicist
    8. Social media
    9. Business analist
    10. Music – Another best job and do work hard

    In addition to the above list, you can earn money by doing part time jobs too.
    All the best!

    Material life is the Vehicle to Spirituality

  • Good day Puneet,
    Its good that your friend has secured more marks in 10th standard, and have secured 60% in 12, and also has opted for one of the best courses in the computer
    Application field, and also have passed the first year. Since your friend does possess the talent of reading and writing skills, where every experience does count on
    these along with understanding the skill and the work type, along with the different style.

    Talent is not based on the qualification alone, its based on the knowledge and the experience a candidate possess and sharpening skills require practical knowledge
    too, and does require a continuous working in the same field. It seems your friend does possess a good talent when compared to the other degree holders, capable of

    doing the job more than a degree holder. In some of the aspects experience counts as a matter of fact to increase the salary package in field where the person works

    for years, including the perks like performance incentives. When the candidate is younger and able to compete and win the place where even the degree holder cannot get it,its good thing that the candidate is being sharp in his talent.

    But in some fields qualification is mandatory for a job, and its been the compulsory in some of the top most MNC's, Government sectors, taking exams for interviews.
    One of the best option is that the candidate has cleared out the first year of BCA, since its also a talent to clear the computer related subjects and understanding may
    take some time for various subjects. Since there will be options to rejoin the institution and take up further the education what your friend have dropped and complete
    with a good percentage, your breaks will not even matter when you have talents more than qualification. Since your friends qualification is at the grasp of his arms
    its a good idea to take a full time study, with a part time job until your friend completes his education. Its not a tough to complete the BCA second year, arrears do

    happen and it can be retaken, since the understanding of subjects may differ from person to person, efforts and hard reading does make the person understand the subject. Apart from these getting help from the lecturers, professors and friends, senior persons is not a wrong thing. This may even change your friends status from being only as talented to talent with a qualification, with education as your friend is much more talented to do a degree holders job, certainly your friend can also study well.This is also one of the career that posses talent inside your friend also.

    Finding part time jobs like RJ, Anchor, web designer, data entry can also be converted to full time after education. consider this as an opportunity and your friend must have talent since your friend has completed the first year of study, those have given idea to do a job.

    Some programmers are good at Mathematics, English, Verbal reasoning even though they have just completed a one year of study after their 12th standard. They join the MNC as a small part time worker, latter what they opt for is to complete a degree in qualifications, so that they can move up in the careers ladder with a good salary packages where money is required in latter part of the life with commitments. So what i am suggesting your friend is to complete the qualification which he started and make his future more brighter.

    All the best.

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