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  • What are the factors to decide whether or not to opt to study abroad?

    Undecided whether or not to study abroad? Get expert tips on the aspects to consider before taking this crucial decision.

    Nowadays higher education has become a norm. There are lots of options available, both in India and abroad. More the options, wider the choice and more confusing it is! Also, making the right choice is critical.

    So the question to experts is:
    On what factors can one decide whether to opt to study abroad? Please provide important factors one needs to consider in order to take this decision.
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  • 1. The student should be motivate enough to pursue study abroad and ready to leave the comforts of home and face challenges of being self reliant at a distant place away from the familiar environment, cuisine and culture.
    2. Determination to immerse fully in studies for culminating the whole process in a positive outcome.
    3. Cost of education and the resources to take care of financial aspects.
    4. Outstanding academic credentials and scores in standardized tests.
    5. Patience, perseverance, sincerity and devotion.

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