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  • What to do after final year of engineering and with study abroad options

    Still confused of what to do after your engineering final year? Eager to study abroad? Know your options and risks of studying abroad with expert advice.

    I know this is a frequently asked question but I still can't make up my mind. I have gone through billions of articles, but am still confused. Should I do MBA or M.Tech or MS? What I really want to do is to study abroad. I am one of those people who really is interested in engineering and was not forced into this field. However, I am told that 90% percent of students who write GRE do not get good marks but of course 98.8% percent of statistics are fictional including this one! So to be brief: 1. I would like to know the risks of studying abroad.
    2. I want to study something that is related to my area of expertise and also has good future career scope.

    Expert guidance awaited.
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  • There is no risks involved in study abroad option for serious and sincere students. However serious study means refraining from statements like - 'I have gone through billions of articles!! (At least a hundred in reality,ten for sure!)'. There is a risk for students with such an attitude. The serious students have to precisely know as to how many articles they have read. There is vast difference between billions and tens, at least for serious studies in the filed of science or technology.
    However students with a flair for creative writing can pursue such courses either in India or abroad and can excel in their field through the dint of their hard work.
    As for as education abroad is concerned, there are two distinct categories of students. The one category comprises outstanding meritorious students, who score very high in GRE also, besides their impeccable academic records to secure admission in top raking universities and to get financial aid also and the other category comprising students who can afford to pay fees and bear living and other incidental expenditure abroad. In the later case , GRE score doesn't matter that much.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • hello. I have myself done MS from The University of Nottingham.

    As you are concerned. I will advice you to go for MS only if you do not want to come back to India. If you have any plans of coming back to India then you should do Because after experiencing the work culture there you will not find it good here as is the case with me.

    And yes hardwork always pays. But I would also say it will pay you more in abroad. If you score good in GRE you ll be able to crack a good university which is very important. You should also consult a good education consultancy services company that can guide you well about the universities. "The Chopras" if you have heard the name according to me is the best.

    Another thing is about the fee structure. Try to avail scholarship. if you have scored good in your engineering you might also get scholarship and I am sure "the chopras" will help you. I had also taken their help and they had helped me with my visas also.

  • Your aim must not be just to study abroad, but to do your master's program from a renowned overseas university, in a popular country. By, popular I do not mean where everyone is flocking, but a country that is recognized for its higher education system. You also must deliberate on the world ranking of the course in the university that you select.

    That being said, a business course right after you complete an undergrad degree is not advisable. Major business schools require 3-5 years' work experience, coupled with a good GMAT and academic score. You might want to look at the following link for more information on the requirements -

    Whether you want to do an MBA or a MS is a personal choice, depending on which way you want your career to head. Read through the following article for a better perspective -

    Other than MBA, MS and M.Tech you also have the choice of doing MEM (Master of Engineering Management). It is a management program designed for engineers. There is a whole lot of information regarding MEM programs available in this article -

    Do your own groundwork. There is enough information on courses, universities, scholarship, student visa processes right here on ISC. Select your course and university after weighing all the pros and cons.

  • Hi dear,
    If you really want to pursue your higher studies from abroad, then consider MS. It will be obviously related to your graduation course and you will be able to get good job opportunities in abroad afterwards.
    No doubt that and MBA are also good professional courses and even people are getting good job opportunities after these courses in India as well as abroad.
    So, it is better if you consider all aspects including your financial condition and your ultimate aim. It is easy to get a reputed job in abroad if your higher studies were done there only.
    Regarding financial support, there are many scholarships programme we have in India to support international education and many International universities also support for the same.
    The very first step would be cracking language proficiency test with excellent score. So prepare well for that and then proceed further. There are many coaching centers available which are helping students in their preparations for GRE, TOEFEL, ILET, etc.


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