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  • Which Indian organizations offer scholarships for study abroad?

    Wants to know about the Indian organisations that offer scholarships for study abroad. Just look for our experts here for the advice.

    Studying abroad costs a lot of money , specially when one is paying in dollars/ pounds/ euros. Nowadays there are ample options for study abroad in terms of colleges, courses and even scholarships. The query is revolving round the issue of making study abroad affordable. The questions are:
    Do Indian organizations offer scholarships for study abroad? If yes, which ones?
    Can you provide a list of such organizations?
    On what basis do they provide scholarship?
    Awaiting advice from experts.
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  • Scholarships have always helped students support their financial fee for courses falling outside their budget. Thousands of students apply to foreign universities each year to pursue their career abroad.Scholarships are a means to fulfill these aspirations by easing their institution fee through financial assistance. Scholarships play an important role in assisting students to carry their educational goals without any hinderance.Some of the states and central government offers scholarships to the students. Here's a list of scholarship for Indian students:

    >> Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships
    >> Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarship
    >> USIEF Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships
    >> International PG Research Scholarship by Australia
    >> Huawei Maitree Scholarship for study in China
    >> Raman-Charpak Fellowship for Indian and French Ph.D students
    >> Tata Scholarship for Cornell University,
    >> US UCD UG scholarship
    >> Oxford University's Rhodes Scholarship
    >> University of Sheffield's Scholarship
    >> India4EU II Scholarship to study in Europe
    >> Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship
    >> Inlaks Scholarship
    >> Hornby Scholarship to study in the UK
    >> Melbourne - India PG Scholarship
    >> University of Sessex Scholarship

    Students can apply for the scholarships after procuring detailed information on eligibility from individual websites. In case you need information about various grants available for pursuing higher studies abroad, you can search on ISC as well for related articles.

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