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    Suggest me best diploma courses

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    I have done my BE in a reputed college in Karnataka. As you know that colleges in Karnataka has year loss system. So I had a year loss and since then I lost my confidence to study. I took 8 years to complete studies. It was a last attempt to get a degree and no idea whether I will get it or not.
    Can you advice what to do? Shall I do a diploma course or some thing else? Can you suggest me a best course?
    Experts: do adivce.
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  • 8 year is very long time for completing the B.E and finally you are not confident that you can completely it or not. due to frustration and less chances of getting job. So you want to do diploma or other courses. I think you have to do diploma because you have knowledge about technical things and diploma is a Lower course.You can do Diploma and if you are completed want to read something new then choose some other normal courses. That is my suggestion but decision in your for batter future.

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  • In my opinion, it is better to drop the idea of doing any other course after spending eight years in B.E. course. Completing an additional course is no guarantee for getting a job. The author may consider starting his own private business as an entrepreneur. In case that is not possible, then any available job in the city of his residence may be joined irrespective of the nature of the job or salary. Further studies, if any, may be completed through online/distance education mode. It is very important to acquire work experience as so many years are already lost.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • It should be your prime task to concentrate on your studies and the subjects/ topics distracting you has to be sorted out personally or take the help of the the professor with whom you have personal aquiantence. After all eight year period is a considerable period for making changes in life. With your little effort, you can make certainly make huge transformation in Your life.
    With a low level of confidence, nothing can be achieved in your life including your future venture of taking up diploma in other stream.
    You need to have a fresh orientation of the steps you are likely to take up in future. You may start altogether a fresh venture with which you can earn your livelihood such as Bussiness in any area for which you have liking. Initially, it may be a trying period but later with your sincere efforts, you would proceed on the path of advancement.

  • There are some of the students in my college who completed BE in 8 years. And there is nothing negative about it. You just have to focus on the job now. This way you can clean out the past that you had with the time wasted. Also you should on courses that gives you employment from here onwards. The reason being your 20s if wasted not earning money then 30s and onwards things may go harder on your body and mind.

    You should consider getting the job any job possible. And while on the side you can do courses.

    You can do the following courses.
    1. CDAC Computer application.
    2. DBA or DBM
    3. MBA

    These courses can be good for extending your career. It takes time in terms of years. So I suggest you to go ahead with job first and then think about the courses.

  • Its good, you have completed your BE in 8 years. Self confidence is more important to keep up. Since you have finished the BE you are degree holder with a engineering degree.There is nothing wrong in registering in the employment exchange also, may be in the future you might have a chance to get a good job in the government sectors also.
    Diploma is easier than a Professional Bachelor's degree. Work and concentration is necessary to achieve any degree. Do not let your focus on other distractions until you get achieved in the Diploma course. The Diploma are of Full time Diploma and part time diplomas( which run in the evening hours).
    It will be a good advantage if you find a full time job or a part time job, then converting that part time job to full time job with your interest and for your career growth and take up a part time diploma courses in a reputed computer centers like NIIT, APTECH just near your house. There are also good career courses which starts at evening 7p.m.-9 p.m. or 9.30 pm every evening hours even on alternative days like monday, wednesday, friday. Even there are weekend classes for Diploma that runs on saturaday, sunday. You got to work on lab exercises and on the computer exercises to make your self suit for the weekend courses. Take up a relaxation like morning exercises, yoga, meditation for mind and body relaxation.
    Try and learn every failure into a success. Keep working round the clock. This will remove away your worries. Even a small idea can bring a brighter change in the life.Work and get all the help from your classmates, friends, parents advice, think and decide. This will give energy and knowledge how not to fail the work or study.
    Later after completing the Diploma course,implement that on your work and try to create a change in the career.Also grow your career by taking a Masters degree of same group you took in the BE. Else prepare for Master of Engineering. Later with your industry working experience and diploma with a r reputed institution ,with an ME you can opt for teaching career also. So do not worry. Try till you achieve your goal.

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