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    Mistake happened in railway ticket booking

    Having a problem booking railway ticket? wondering how to correct a mistake made in booking? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Recently I have booked railway tickets for my family members but I have made one mistake while entering details of passengers. For one of the members I have entered age 43 instead of 48. In ticket it has already recorded 43 for that passenger. Is there any option to modify the details or sort out the mistake?
    Awaiting response.
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    The practical problem of age comes only when the appearance of the person is drastically different from the normal appearance of a person of that age group; and that gives the ticket examiner a doubt of the genuinity of the traveller with respect to the ticket booked. Generally a difference of 5 years gets passed off if otherwise the ticket examiner does not doubt anything special in the traveller. If you are travelling as a family or group in the original ticket, I do not see any problems.

    Hence as of now you need not worry unnecessarily. However if you have worries, keep proper identity and address proof of that traveller which can establish the correctness and the ticket examiner gets convinced of the genuine error.

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    The physical appearance after certain age does not change much. So, there will not be any problem if the same person will travel along with his/her identity proof.
    In railways, most of the time the problems arises only when single seat is claimed by 2. And that is the not the case with you. It can be understood as a typing error.
    The scene would have been different if you may have done the error in gender. That mistake is not at all taken as granted and other then cancellation, there is not solution for online booked tickets.

    So, your case is safe. Have a happy and safe journey.


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    The variation can be pointed out by the TTE only on scrupulous scrutiny of the ID proof produced by the passenger wherein an age different than what is mentioned in the booked ticket, is recorded. However since the ticket is booked for more than one traveller as a family, the ID proof of all the travellers is not required to be shown to the TTE.
    Many travellers don't have their actual birth days recorded even on their valid ID proofs. Since it is not going to make any difference to the railways due to the error mentioned by the author, generally no issue will arise during the journey perpahs except those created by the author himself.
    However, as fas as I know there is no system to edit the booked ticket once issued. In case the author feels like being fastidious to the issue, then the ticket may be got cancelled and a new ticket may be booked after filling the correct age data provided the vancant seats are still available.

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    There is no way of modifying the ticket. However, there would be no problem. If you have taken e-ticket for all passengers, then the identity card of the first passenger will be checked. If normal ticket is taken, no identity card is required for any passenger. Moreover, the physical appearance doesn't change much between 43 and 48.

    So, enjoy your journey without any tension.

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