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    What are the health benefits of taking facial treatment?

    Searching for the benefits of facial treatment? On this Ask Expert page, you can find the answers you are looking for.

    Facial as a beauty/cosmetic procedure has become very common and popular nowadays. The beauty parlors offer a variety of facial treatments sometimes charging thousands of rupees. What are the health benefits of taking facial treatment? Also how to select best type of facial treatment out of various available options?
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  • Yes facial beauty and cosmetic procedure has become very popular because every people mostly teenager are very Sirius about their everyday look so they can never avoid pimples and dark spot so only way they try to use cosmetics and beauty products for good look and for pimple and dark spot remover but not every but some product are harmful for our skin and it may cause defects so try to use nature treatment and also note there every skin has different reaction as per their nature so you should know which type of products are for your skin because some skin are oily while some are dry so there is different effect occurs with different type of products.

  • A facial is basically a skin treatment to nourish and boost the skin appearance. It includes various steps like cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, massaging, moisturizing and applying mask.

    • Promotes a nourished, radiant, smooth and toned looking skin
    • Addresses skin problems like blackheads, whiteheads, aging skin, wrinkles, tanned, dull skin etc.
    • Cleanses the skin and increases blood circulation
    • Facilitate deeper penetration of products into the skin
    • Relaxing and pampering

    A wide range of facials are available from hydrating, nourishing, radiance, skin whitening, anti- aging, anti-wrinkle, firming, anti-oxidant to anti-dark spots etc. However, one must opt for a facial treatment according to the skin type as in dry skin, acne prone and oily skin or combination skin or according to the skin problem. Also many herbal, chemical ranges of facial products are available in the market for the customer to choose form; but it is always recommended to go for an herbal high quality product containing fruit extracts, oils etc over the chemical ones. The quality of the cosmetic product used in facial treatment is extremely important. Poor quality products and products containing harsh chemicals may result in side effects like reddening, irritation, acne breakout, drying etc.

    It is best to get the facial done from and experienced, trained and knowledgeable beautician. One must ensure that the tools used during the treatment are properly sterilized.

  • Hello,
    According to me I would suggest you not to do your facial in parlour. Your skin will start tanning at times. Its better you do all beauty and cosmetic producer at home it self with the household items at home. They are the best facial treatment among all. Now in parlour they say its herbal treatment but at least little they mix chemical because instant glow will never come from herbal treatment until a bit chemical is added, that's why I suggest you to make a paste with following ingredients
    1. take 1 tbsp turmeric[haldi]
    2. take 2tbsp besan[kadale hittu - in kannada]
    3. squeeze half lemon
    4. 1 tbsp thick curds
    5. 1 tbsp honey
    mix this all items in a bowl if required add little water and make paste. Apply this every week to your face leave it for few minutes till it is dried and then wash with like warm water and see there will be glow more than your parlour treatment. If you want you can use it as a body package also.
    I hope it helped you

  • A facial treatment would basically give the face the specific ingredients that we did not take. The best advantage of the facial treatment is the anti-tan. We can get rid of the tanning that occurs when we go out in the sun.
    Some parlours may also use natural agents for facial treatment which is even better.

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