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    Name Correction in SSC Certificate

    Correction of father's in SSC Certificate, Problem in creating my passport.

    Hi all,

    I am Venkatesh and I have name correction for myself and my father's name too in my SSC Certificate. I passed out my SSC in 2005. I need to correct my last name where it was just written as an initial, S. Now I realized to correct it while applying for my passport. What should I do now
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  • In case it is not possible to get the SSC certificates corrected in respect of the expanded form of the surname, the author may consider taking recourse of submitting an affidavit duly signed and attested in presence of a Judicial Magistrate or Executive Magistrate/Notary Public for the purpose of submitting application for obtaining passport. In such cases, the applicants are required to get published advertisements in two reputed newspapers one being the local newspaper of the area in which the applicant is residing and second in a newspaper of the area of permanent address of the applicant. Original newspapers are required to be submitted at the time of applying for passport in the applicant's new name.

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  • There is a process of Name Correction in SSC Certificate in Andhra Pradesh. In that process you need to brought your all originals from primary education to higher education joining slip, mark sheet from each and every school, matriculation memo, exam notification/i-card, certificate, original TCs from elementary to high school, date of birth certificate, parent's declaration, head master/principal's declaration for this name change, etc. should be submitted with an application at DEO (District Education Officer), which will be forwarded to the Board Office for Name Correction.

    However, for passport purpose there is no name correction required; as it can be simply done with an affidavit at office of the district judge court/magistrate/district collector/sub-collector/notary. Earlier the newspaper notification for name change also requires, however not today if you've any other supporting documents like voter card, ration card, bank pass book etc with real name.

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  • You can get your document corrected. And there is a process at the SSC board office for the same. You just have to go there with the birth certificate and other name corrected documents. And then ask them to revise the certificate. Be ready to even have proof or attestation for other documents. So that they can verify this new name change is proper. It takes around 7 days for this process in most cities. In some states if digital certificates are given then you can get the name change process done in few hours. It all depends on where you're correcting this process. You may be even asked to write the application letter. This way you'd be able to apply for the passport easily.

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