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    How to make money writing articles for Indian writers

    Want to earn money online by writing articles? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I am new to working online after years of searching over the internet,'Work from Home'. 'Make Money from Home'. Those are the keywords I used a lot till now. Then I came across 'Write articles earn money' keyword. It displayed tons of website.
    My question is:
    Are there websites to 'Make Money writing articles' for Indian writers? That should get paid in dollars and in INR.
    Can you tell me atleast 20 websites that are good to earn?
    Experts: do assist.
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  • If you're a good writer and want to make money online by writing contents for others online and earn money online, then there a lot of options for you. However you need to learn a lot there, like their rules and regulations, methods of writing, creativity in writing, DMCA or Copyscape passed contents, style, pattern and size of contents, etc. Some of the best and top content writing sites where you can earn money online by posting articles/contents are here:

    1. iWriter
    2. Constat-content
    3. MyLot
    4. List Verse
    5. InstantShift
    6. Freelancer Careers
    7. Metro Parent
    8. Hub Pages
    9. The Change Agent
    10. Writers Weekly
    11. 1stWebDesigner

    Apart from this there are many micro job websites, where you can earn money online as a freelancer by creating your writer profile and appearing some online tests to proof the readers as a quality content writer. Some of the sites are: Freelancer, Truelancer, Fiverr, Gigbucks, SEOClerks, PeoplePerHour, Mturk, etc.

    How to get money from these sites?
    Don't worry about the currency, it may be dollar or Indian Rupee, the revenue you earned from the sites will directly credit to your bank account either through online banking, or via PayPal. Some sites may send cheques also.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

  • To start with a genuine site for earning for posting online content, I suggest this site where you are now:
    You can post articles of unique and useful topics. Good quality articles are given cash credit according to their quality and content by the site.
    Then you may apply through ISC itself at appropriate time for AdSense account. Once that is approved you stand to get adsense revenue, depending on the traffic to your articles. ISC shares 90% of the adsense revenue with article authors.
    In ISC itself there are various articles and forum threads discussing how to earn money by posting online articles.

    However if you are a good writer and can various subjects, then you can even writer for print media.
    The main point in getting good compensation and demand in online content writing is to establish a reputation first. for that you may have to satisfy with small amounts or even without any remuneration.
    You may visit the web sites suggested I other answers , read the reviews of users and after convincing their genuineness and payment you may join them and start.

  • Making money online is really hard and due to the adblockers on the net, most of the writing sites are closing down. Here are some of the writing sites that are still active and you can write on them.

    1. Hubpages.
    2. Demand Studios
    3. Iwriters
    4. Text broker
    5. Techulator
    6. India study channel

    These are some of the sites that are active. And they can earn some good money. However don't expect such sites to replace your regular income. You have to think of these income sources as supplemental to your existing earning.

    Once you write enough articles on these sites the most obvious way to go ahead is to have your own writing portfolio. And you would surely benefit from the resume that would help you pitch to the content marketing companies. Once you have enough content on your portfolio, you may be able to apply to places such as - scoopwhoop, vagabomb, Times India. And there are other small content farms that accept the content writers. You should definitely approach them with portfolio and you'd be able to manage to get some writers.

  • Well, there are a few websites that let you write content for them and earn money. You need to be proficient enough to be able to get your articles approved.

    The best options as far as Indian writers are concerned, you are at the right place right now. Indiastudychannel is one of the best revenue sharing websites. You can write content across different topics and earn some handsome income.

    Apart from ISC, you may also try the sister site of ISC, If you are one of the writers who specialises in writing content related to technical topics, it is the best one for you as it pays some handsome cash for your articles if they are of high quality.

    Other sites that let you earn through writing for them are

    1. iWriter

    2. Constant Content

    3. Hubpages

    You can also sign up with freelancing sites like Freelancer, WorkOnHire, etc. You need not worry about the currency of the payment. The payment for the online content work is normally paid directly to the bank account. So there should not be any issues with the payment.

    Live....and Let Live...!

  • Out of the all the websites discussed above, Indiastudychannel and Techulator are perhaps the two places where you can get your articles approved easily, as long as they are unique, original and of good quality.

    The other sites like iWriter, Listverse, etc. are all dependent on strict approval process, and most of the times, you don't even know your mistakes for rejection of any articles.

    You are better off trying to build your own micro niche blogs with just 15-20 articles, by targeting a particular keyword niche for generating revenue via Amazon affiliate, Clickbank affiliate or Google Adsense. Once the blog is LIVE, you stand a good chance of earning several dollars every month, as long as your niche area is absolutely unique.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • Try Content Writing website Like
    and start earning today :)

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    Extraordinary rundown! I think endeavoring to measure writing Assignments rates is an extreme thing, since things can change rapidly, unique pieces are paid out diversely inside similar bars, and distinctive authors are paid contradistinction too.

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