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    What qualification is required for becoming a medical representative?

    Interested in becoming a medical representative? Wondering about the eligibility criteria? Check out advice from experts on this page here.

    What are the nature of duties and responsibilities of a medical representative and what qualification is required for becoming a medical representative? Is it a medical job ? Are electronic/instrumentation engineers and such other highly qualified individuals also appointed as a medical representative for promoting sales of sophisticated medical equipment?
    Awaiting advice.
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  • What are the nature of duties and responsibilities of a medical representative ?
    Medical representatives as known generally are sales representatives of a medicine manufacturing company. In today's style they are equivalent to the marketing representatives of other companies.
    The job of a medical representative involves a lot of travelling and does not have fixed hours of work. of The duty of a medical representative is to meet the doctors in his allotted geographical area and apprise them of the products of their company, tell the doctors about the quality and benefits for the patient and the effectiveness of the medicine. He should impress and convince the doctor and ensure that the doctor prescribes that medicine for his patients. He also has to give the physician samples to the doctor so that the doctor has the medicine ready at hand to give to the relevant patients.
    Then the medical representative has to meet the medical stores and in-house drug stores of hospitals an convince them that the doctors will now start to give orders for his company products. Here he may have to use the various promotional terms his company has authorised him to convey: like extra commission and discount for the shop, concessional delivery charges, credit terms etc. He has to communicate the orders to his company and arrange product delivery.
    Then he has to monitor and follow up to se that his company medicines are prescribed by doctors and there are adequate stock with the medical stores and pharmacies.
    what qualification is required for becoming a medical representative?
    Generally a graduate degree in science or pharmacy is required. Sometimes some companies give some relaxation depending on experience and other merits.
    Rather than the educational qualification what is more sought are :
    the attitude and aptitude to meet people;
    ability, health and attitude to undertake continuous travel;
    pleasant personality, to attract people ;
    ability to communicate with good language and style to convince people; knowledge of local language and multiple languages;
    ability to market and sell products of the company;
    capacity to device on the spot strategies to get more business;
    willingness for hard work and focus to attain and exceed given targets and deadlines;
    knowing to ride two wheeler and/or four wheeler.
    Are electronic/instrumentation engineers and such other highly qualified individuals also appointed as a medical representatives?
    Such people are not generally called as medical representatives, but as marketing/sales representatives or Mktg/Sales executives depending on the company and the sophistication and value of the product.

  • In order to be a Medical - representative of any reputed company, the minimum qualification is a science or a Pharmacy - graduate. There are other parameters such as convincing ability, an attitude to augment the sell of the products, effective communication -skill and the patience and all these parameters are evaluated in course of the interview of the aspirants.
    The duty of the medical - representatitive is to promote the product of the company by convincing the doctor about the efficacies and quality of the products. He has to take the doctors into confidence that these products would be prescribed in case of requirement. He has to make trips to several shops of the chemist in order to procure the order of the products of the company where he is working as a medical representative. These representatives are paid incentives for the substantial - sells.
    There is always apprehension from the management - side that highly qualified people would not sufficient interest in discharging their duties effectively in the event of them being over - qualified. They may switch over their jobs on getting suitable assignments and hence they don't select over qualified people.

  • Medical representative are usually B pharmacy graduates. Often this also allows to them open their own medical store too. Medical representatives may also come from the Management in medical hospitality and sales degree. That way they can be working in the medical management and sales positions. Such representatives either represent the brand of particular type of medicine. Also some of them are employed to promote a particular hospital. Depending on if the person is asked to make other duties and public relations, that can be added as well. In most of the hospitals the medical representatives often help with insurance claims. And some of them also help during the surgery and other complicated cases with the patients for them to understand what can be done. MR usually don't promote the instruments as that part is reserved for the technicians. However if the company has employed them then working with engineers they can do the sales and other after sales services. This all depends on the type of the job that the person in MR position is doing.

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