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    What are paramedical courses and how they differ from the medical courses?

    Searching for information about paramedical courses? Want to know how they differ from medical courses? On this page, experts shall respond to your queries.

    Generally, the students who are not able to get admission in a medical course tend to opt for paramedical courses. What are paramedical courses and how they differ from the medical courses? Please give a list of some important paramedical courses from the point of view of career progression in future.
    Experts: do provide guidance.
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  • Paramedical courses are those courses that train people to assist medical professionals and practitioners in diagnosing, treating, and managing patients. Their jobs are preparatory, supportive and supplementary to that of the qualified medical personnel, and by that make health care easy and effective.

    Some of the paramedical courses are Diploma /Degree in
    • Medical Laboratory Technology
    • Radiological Technology
    • Ophthalmic Assistance
    •Dental Mechanics
    •Dental Hygienist
    • Operation Theatre Technology
    • Cardio Vascular Technician
    Audiology and speech language pathology
    Mental rehabilitation
    ECG Tech etc.etc.

    As the field of medicine and health care is advancing, newer and newer arenas are opening and hence paramedical field also expanding with new courses and career options.

  • Para medical courses have been designed to assist the physicians and specialists by providing the specific inputs helpful in diagnosing the diseases. There may choose the following the following options.
    1) X- Ray technician
    2) Opthalmic attendant
    3) Medical Laboratory technician
    4) Refractionist for eye - testing
    5) ECG attendant
    6) Speech - Therapist
    7) Physiotherapist
    8) Dental - mechanic etc
    By choosing any one indicated above, one can earn substantially in one's area. With the progress of time, there are always latest additions in these courses to make the course even more effective.

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