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    What are the properties of Himalayan black salt (kala namak)?

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    What are the properties of Himalayan black salt (kala namak)? Is it found in oceans and salt lakes like the common salt? How it is produced and what are the advantages and disadvantages, if any, of consuming kala namak? Why its smell is always pungent?
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    Kala Namak or Indian Rock Salt is a salty material and used for food preparation in India and also in neighbouring countries. In India it is used more as "Chaat masala" preparation ingredient.
    Though it is also named as salt, it differs distinctively from the common table salt we use at out dining table and normal cooking needs.
    Rock salt is near black when extracted and becomes link with black tinge on powdering for use. It is quite commonly sold as powder.
    The taste is salty but with a differentiating pungent-tangy taste. There s a easily distinguishable odour like that coming from rotten or hard-boiled eggs.

    Chemically Kala Namak is a blend of sodium chloride, sulphur compounds of sodium iron, magnesium and hydrogen. It is te sulphur presence especially as hydrogen sulphide that emanates the rotten odour.

    Indian Kala Namak is used in Ayurvedic medicines. It is generally used in medicinal preparations for digestive issues. It is preferred over common salt due to its relatively lesser sodium content. The kala namak is helpful in rheumatic conditions and skin issues especially of feet .

    The major extraction of Kala Namak is from Himalayan salt mines. It is also found in the regional dried sediment beds of salt lakes.

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    Himalayan black salt is a rock salt. It is also known as bit lobon, kala loon etc..... No, it is not found in oceans. It is found in natural Hines from mines of various areas as well as from Himalayan salt ranges. There are also certain salt lakes like Sambhar, Didwana where rock salt is found.

    1. Rock salt crystals are black in color.
    2. Powdered black salt appears pink in color.
    3. It mainly consists sodium chloride.
    4. It contains traces of sodium bi-sulfate, sodium sulfide, iron sulfide, hydrogen sulfide and sodium bi-sulfide.
    5. It is sour in taste.
    6. It smells similar to rotten hard boiled egg.

    Medicinal Properties:-
    1. Antacid
    2. Antioxidant
    3. Carminative
    4. Stimulant for digestive system
    5. Helps in burning stored fat from fat reservoirs
    6. Anti flatulent
    7. Helps in production of RBC's
    8. It raises the heamoglobin level in blood
    9. It is adaptogenic

    Through a method known as reductive chemical process, raw black salt is converted into commercially available black salt. Sodium sulfate is converted into hydrogen sulfide and sodium sulfide. Raw salt is sealed in a ceramic apparatus and is then fired for almost 24 hours with the help of charcoal. Along with raw black salt in large quantity some small amounts of harad seeds, amla, natron etc..... are also burnt. Once done, salt is cooled completely and stored carefully and is then allowed to go through aging process.
    Synthetically, black salt is produced by mixing sodium chloride with sodium sulfate, sodium bisulfate and ferric sulfate. Once mixed the mixture is then subjected to reduction process in a furnace.

    Pungent smell:-
    All the sulfur compounds present in black salt are responsible for that pungent smell it has. Hydrogen sulfide is mainly responsible for giving it its distinctive smell.

    1. Chaat masala cannot be prepared without adding black salt in it. Black salt is the one which is responsible to give chaat masals that pungent smell as well as that slightly sour taste.
    2. Since its aroma is more like that of hard boiled egg, it is very much appreciated by vegans.
    3. It is good for digestion.
    4. It acts as a laxative agent.
    5. It is known to cure goitre disease.
    6. It relieves acidity and heart burn.
    7. It is used as a condiment as well as added to number of snacks giving them a special touch.
    8. It is used in the treatment of hysteria.
    9. It along with other ingredients is used to make toothpastes.
    10. Used to treat poor eye sight and other eye related troubles.
    11. Can be used during dieting.
    12. Can be used by high blood pressure patients.
    13. Useful in abdominal distension.
    14. Useful in the treatment of abdominal discomfort and cramps or pain.
    15. Useful to treat skin diseases and skin related disorders.
    16. Since it can burn fat, it is helpful in treatment of obesity.
    17. It relieves bloating.
    18. It helps to relive intestinal gastric troubles.
    19. It increases appetite.
    20. It is helpful in the production of RBC's and increasing the level of hemoglobin in blood. Thus, also helpful in the treatment of anemia.

    1. Low in iodine content when compared to table salt.
    2. It cannot be used in excess in our foods as that pungent smell and distinctive taste will make the food difficult to be edible. Thus, careful addition of black salt or slight sprinkle should be done on foods.

    Here are the links which describes in detail about black salt:-

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    Himalaya black - salts do contain various health benifits and the usage of the same in a minute quantity would be benificial in the following issues-
    1) On its regular consumption, Constipation can be addressed successfully.
    2) It can strengthen eye - sight.
    3) To take care of Swollen Feet and Cracked Feet, we can use approx one table - spoon of black salt to be dissolved in a bucket containing warm water and the feet to be immersed for a couple of minutes daily for two times would take care of Swollen and Cracked - feels.
    4) Black - salt strengthen both the root of hairs and growth of hairs.
    5) Remedy for high BP, Arthiritis and Paralysis - Regular usage in a minute quantity would take care of these disease because of presence of sulphur in the Black - salt.
    6) It may be used for the weight - loss.
    7) Salt - therapy is being used using Black - salt to take care of Asthama, Sinus and other Allergical - issues.
    8) To arrest gas - problems- Roasted Black - salt if taken in a minute quantity along with a glass of warm - water would alleviate the gas - problem.
    The pungent smell of the Black - salt is due to presence of sulphur in it.

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