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    How to remove permanent ink marks from currency notes?

    Having ink marks on currency notes? Wondering how to remove these marks? Check out suggestions for removing these marks on this page.

    Yesterday my four year old nephew wrote something on a 1000 Rs. currency note with a permanent marker. The note was completely damaged and it couldn't be exchanged in bank.
    How to remove the permanent ink marks from it very easily without any damage to the note?
    Awaiting suggestions.
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    In my opinion , no attempt should be made to remove such permanent marks on currency notes in case even the banks are not ready to accept the same and it may be taken as a loss.
    According to the Reserve Bank of India (Note Refund) Rules, 2009, a soiled note is defined as a note which, has become dirty due to usage and also includes a two piece note pasted together wherein both the pieces presented belong to the same note and form the entire note. Normally the soiled banknotes are exchanged for full value. Application of chemicals etc. on the currency note may tantamount to tampering with the currency note.

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    Please do not attempt to erase the marking. That will damage the note and will expose the erasure as tampering and can be found out by ultra violet lamp observation as chemical alteration.
    Present guidelines prohibit writing on currency notes.
    It is better to remit the same to your bank or even Reserve Bank of India counters for exchanging. The permanent mark notes will be withdrawn and treated as non-issuable.

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    No attempt is to be made to erase any any marking appearing in the currency - note. There is a provision of exchange of soiled and worn - out notes including the notes being teared for the replacement but in the case of separation of notes in multiple parts, care has to be taken to produce the all the parts of the separated notes.
    Making any impression with some chemicals would make your request invalid and you may not be entertained for the exchange of such notes.

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    You have some of these options.

    1. Donate the currency note at some temple. This way the note will be burried in the place for long time and may put on good use.

    2. Just keep the note as keepsake. The good side of the currency can be used in collection.

    Apart from these two points you can't do much with the note. That note is now out of circulation and can't be used for anything worthy. You need to forget about the productive use of that currency note.

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    Acetone (CH3)2O present in nail colour remover, chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) present in hairspray and denatured alcohol with citrate or witch hazel in after shave lotion is helpful to remove marks in any surface. You can remove the permanent marked stains from surfaces like cloths, tables, walls, doors and papers like currency notes with the help of anyone of the above mentioned household product.

    I've removed the stain or permanent marker from a 1000 Indian currency note with the help of after shave lotion. After removing the mark, I washed the note with petrol and kept for dehydrated under sunlight. The note is absolutely perfect now.

    Every year govt. of India loses Rs. 2,638 cr due to writings on Indian currencies. Anything written or marked on notes are no value and can't be used for standard transactions.

    Naresh Kumar
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