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    Query taking a one year gap after graduation

    Confused whether taking a one year gap after graduation will affect career? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have completed BCA with 63% yet and now I want to do MCA. I wish to take a gap of one year to prepare for entrance exam for admission in MCA.
    Can it affect my career or not?
    What should I do?
    Awaiting advice.
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    Perhaps the setback, if any, can be compensated by doing extra hard work for preparation in competitive entrance examination so as to score very high to get admission in one of the top institutes for completing MCA. Also after getting admission in the MCA program, the hard work should be continued for attaining top position in the college/university.
    Such an approach is likely to help in multiple ways. First of all, it will help in getting placement in a reputed organization and secondly the hard work will help in learning the subject matter which will be useful in surviving and progressing in the job in future.

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    A year gap would not matter much provided you secure admission in a reputed Institute by clearing the competitive test conducted by the same. You consistent labour and effort would pay you dividend in terms of admission and thereby securing your employment in multinational companies through the process of Campus - employment. So you can go ahead with your venture.
    The next course of action would be to understand the basics of each and every modules being taught in MCA level. Apart from that, ensure that you are proficient in oral and writing skills so that in case of need, you may represent the facts relating to technology or otherwise.
    A little precaution taken at this stage can turn your life for better.
    Fruitful utilisation of time at this juncture would not affect your career.

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    If you wish to take gap after graduation then make sure you do job. Because taking such gap and earning some job credentials eventually helps you in the future. Most of the time such gaps otherwise create issues on resume. So It'd be wise to take gap on mental satisfaction side but do get job or some part time work. Your financial management if planned properly then you can easily manage yourself. If you manage the finances and the resume gap, then you don't have to worry about taking gap after graduation. You can also go back to the post graduation when you are ready.

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    My honest opinion says that you should give an attempt for entrance test this year also. Many times our academic scores cannot show up our actual strength. So, better submit the forms for MCA entrance examinations and check for your scores in that. Another benefit will be- you will be having a personal experience of Entrance exam and you will be knowing the pattern of question paper. This will help you to prepare well for next time.

    If you cannot make it this year, then go for a drop but that must be strictly for studies only. You should be very much focused and well determined to work hard and this will pay you back by getting admission in good reputed institute.
    Most of the MCA offering institutes have Placement cells and they offer excellent placements to their deserving candidates. So, work harder to have a bright future ahead.


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