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    When and where spectacles were invented?

    Searching for the history of spectacles? Wondering when they were invented? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Since ages, spectacles are used by the people for improving eyesight. In which country, the spectacles were invented and when this technology came in India? How people in the past, used to manage their eyesight prior to the development of spectacles? Was such technology available in the medieval period also?
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    Specacles or spects in short have evolved to what we see today over a period of time. Sources give that by racing back from references, specs or eyeglasses were invented in 1286 in Italy. It can be logically deducted that mass use of spectacles or eyeglasses would have come only after invention of printing press since 1450. Before that they could have been used mostly by scholars and monks who used to read and write scriptures and religious texts. They could have been held by hand on handle or made to rest on nose supported by hand held handle.
    However a source in internet gives an idea of spectacles in the 1700s. That gives mention of an advertisement of a eyeglasses that rests on ears. Bifocals came into use during in 1784 invented by Benjamin Franklin out of his own necessity. After undergoing various changes and once considered as old age necessity spectacles became style and stylish by the second half of last century. In the present period lot of developments are taking place in the user friendly features and clarity of glasses. Some of the styles make us recall history.
    As there are many astronomical treatise after observations by the Rishis and scholars in pre Christ era in Indi, we can believe that observation glasses were known to vedic period Indias. They were also knowing about eye disorders and the same were mentioned i specific medicine and exercise of Suryanmakaskar etc.

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