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    Should I make my future in Biotech or MBBS

    Confused between choosing Biotech or MBBS? Check out career advice from experts on this page.

    I have passed my 12th in 2015 and then dropped 1 year for NEET and now I am waiting for result. But I am not sure that I'll get into good college. I don't want to drop another year although I want to give NEET next year. I don't want to make my career in BSc and I have interest in Bio.Tech . But my parents are saying that I should go to Kota for preparation ( and I don't want to go there ). According to my parents if I am going to join any college for pursuing Biotech I will not be able to focus on NEET.
    Experts: do provide me guidance regarding my future.
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  • Future in MBBS is definitely brighter than Biotech in any case. There is no comparison between the two. I would suggest the author to leave aside all other activities and totally focus on preparation for NEET.

    It is not a question of getting admission in a good college. Getting admission in any college in MBBS course is likely to serve the purpose. The author can compensate for the ranking of the college through dint of his hard work.

    It is not merely a question of what one wishes. One has to be satisfied with what best is available in the given circumstances.

    Let the results of NEET be declared that then do self evaluation as to where the author stands. It should also be examined at the same time as to what are the reasons for not going to Kota for preparing for NEET.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • You can't compare the two as both of them have different ways to live the means and settle financially.

    In case of biotech related jobs, you'd be working for others. And also there are going to be different variety of work that you'd be getting. In case of such jobs you have to approach the companies in bio tech. Also the pay is going to be steady compared to MBBS work.

    As for the MBBS, you have the option to work with the hospital and also set up your own office. And that works for most of the doctors. The pay usually is fluctuating. Something you have to work up with and have patience.

    Both these are good for making your career. And you need to have patience for this. If this is something you don't want then follow what parents say and choose NEET over this.

  • Hi Dear,
    The query you posted is a common problem faced by every another students at your phase.
    Student get confused between Science and mathematics, if chosen Science the to pursue regular graduation -post graduation or Medical.
    The main factor to be considered is your Interest and choice. What you want to pursue honestly? Candidates are doing great in both the field- MBBS as well as Biotech sector. There is nothing good or bad between them.
    But you have to realize your own capability in doing better in any of them.

    Can you analyze the reason for why you may not get chance for admission in any good college even after dropping one year for NEET? If you decide to pursue MBBS, you have to overcome your failure rather than trying to get short cuts for success. Escaping can never lead to success.

    Your parents are right in saying that once you will enroll yourself for any course, you will not be able to focus on your preparations for NEET. So, if you really want to crack NEET with good scores, follow what your parents are saying because Kota (Rajasthan) is famous for coaching centers focused on engineering and MBBS examinations. But these are costly so, you may consider you financial ability for that.


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