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    What is IELTS? Why it is important in getting VISA for America?

    Searching for information about IELTS? Wondering about its importance for getting an American visa? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    What is IELTS? How and why IELTS is required to get Visa or American permission? Is it compulsory to pass IELT for candidates seeking international BPO Jobs and learning spoken English in India? Which institutes in India teach and conduct exams on International English Language Test?
    Experts: do provide advice.
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  • The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test that measures the English language proficiency of the applicants. The test is jointly managed by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL), British Council and IDP.

    In India, the test is conducted by the British Council and by the IDP Education at many locations, the list of which can be seen at the website of IELTS -

    Most of the US universities require TOEFL or IELTS score for taking admission decisions. For the purpose of submitting an application form for a US student visa, the students require Form I-20 issued by the US universities.

    Thus having TOEFL or IELTS scores indirectly help in US visa procedure. However, there are US universities which don't insist of TOEFL or IELTS scores, but instead require them to pass an English proficiency test within certain time frame.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • IELTS is abbreviated as ,"International English Language Testing System". Its test the ability of the candidate in English in all the four sections like Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. The exams are conducted by both British Council, IDP Australia, both in India and abroad.

    The exam duration is '2 Hours and 45 minutes'. The Score validity is for 2 years only.

    IELTS are of two Types
    1. IELTS - Academic
    2. IELTS - General.

    "IELTS - Academic Module", is for the students who wants to pursue a Higher education in foreign Country or in a English speaking Country, whose mother tongue is
    different from English.
    "IELTS -General Module ", is for the candidate who wants to migrate from one country to a English speaking country, whose first language is not English.
    Both 'Academic Module and General Module' consists of Four section. Both the Modules have equal weightage in the question formats. Academic Module and
    General Modules are different from each other.

    'IELTS - Academic Module', Consists of four sections

    1. Listening Section - Number of questions are 40. Each carries One mark.Its for 40 minutes (includes 10 minutes transfer time from the question to answer sheet).
    2. Reading Section - Number of questions 40. Each carries one mark.Its for 60 minutes.
    3. Writing Section - Number of questions are 2. Its for 60 minutes
    4. Speaking Section - 11 -15 minutes.

    'IELTS - General Module' Consists of four sections

    1. Listening Section - Number of questions are 40. Each carries One mark.Its for 40 minutes (includes 10 minutes transfer time from the question to answer sheet).
    2. Reading Section - Number of questions 40. Each carries one mark.Its for 60 minutes.
    3. Writing Section - Number of questions are 2. Its for 60 minutes
    4. Speaking Section - 11 -15 minutes.

    In both modules 'Listening section and Speaking section' are the same. 'Reading section and writing section' differs.
    Academic Module - Reading Section consists of three reading passages with different task types.
    General Module - Reading Section consists of three sections. Section 1 consists of two or three short texts. Section 2 consists of two texts. Section 3 consists of one long text.

    All the four sections tests the ability of the candidate in English . IELTS has a total Band Score from "1 to 9" for each section.
    Candidate are required to score a minimum band of 7.0 or more than that according to the university requirement in 'Academic Module'. Even for General Migration
    the candidate has to score a minimum band of 7.0.

    IELTS Band Score explanation
    Band Score English Level Description
    9.0 - Expert User - The candidate should have a complete command in the language, consists of full understanding,accuracy, appropriate, highly flexible, fluency.

    8.0 - Very Good User The candidate has a complete command along with rare errors. The candidate will be able to deal with complex situations also will have rare errors, also will be able to deal with detailed argumentation quite well.

    7.0 - Good User The candidate has good command of English with occasional inaccuracies, inappropriate words or misunderstandings. He/She will be capable of using complex language quite well, understanding detailed argumentation.

    6.0 - Competent User The candidate has effective command of English along with some errors, inappropriate words, misunderstandings in some situations. The candidate can use complex language quite well in familiar situations.

    5.0 - Modest User The candidate has partial command over the language English, understands the overall meaning. Makes frequent errors. The candidate has better english in common situations. Not able to deal with complex language well.
    4.0 - Limited User

    3.0 - Extremely Limited User

    2.0 - Intermittent User

    1.0 - Non User

    Candidates who wants to continue their education in U.S.A and Canada goes for TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language' and GRE - Graduate Record

    Examinations. Nowadays U.S.A and Canada accepts IELTS along either GRE OR GMAT. Mostly some of the Universities ask the candidate to sit for a english exam if the candidate did not take either of above English exam and they do have a minimum score to pass to enter the University.
    These English exams are mostly required for obtaining Visa from the Embassy for the candidates whose mother tongue is not English.
    GRE and GMAT are required by the graduate schools in the country where the candidate wishes to pursue their education.

    There are two types in BPO's

    1. Voice Process BPO.
    2. Non- Voice Process BPO.

    In both the Process has Inbound Process and Outbound Process.

    "Inbound Process BPO's in Voice process", has a good package and improvement in the career. "Outbound Process BPO's" are mostly target based or sales based and the pay depends on those performance.
    " Inbound Process BPO's with Non- Voice Process", is like answering the questions of their clients either in technical or customer service oriented. The pay is less when compared to the Voice process.

    To get a job in BPO, the candidate can be passed in 12th graduate or above degree candidate in arts like,B.B.A,B.Sc. or a Professional candidate like in Engineering (in any stream). The candidate does not require IELTS.There are BPO's who provide customer services in and around the world. There are two types of process in BPO ,"Inbound and outbound".
    Inbound is good when compared to outbound. Inbound is like technical, customer service oriented. Outbound can be sales types, surveys. The Outbound is mostly target oriented. Most of the top companies like TCS, IBM, Infosys, Accenture do have BPO's. Mostly these are technical or candidates who posses a good knowledge in programming skills assistance. These are mostly technical BPO's that has a good package according to experience, even as a fresher the starting package is good. Career ladder is also excellent if candidate like to expose their talents. Talents with good skills and degree does obtain a good package.

    Starting as from 0-2 years the package is around 2 to 2.15 lakhs. The career ladder goes if you are a Associate/Agent, then moving to Team Lead, after as a Project Manager.

    Nowadays there are lots of center to train English. Experts are available online also on a per hour basis. Training centers in the city where you are located is best to ask your friends and seniors who you know well how they speak English and ask them as they might have crossed the burdens same as yours. Also watching BBC, CNBC, Business Channels like ET Now are good for english learning also. Star movies, Movies now do have a high content of vocabulary in speaking.
    IELTS does have registered trainers in British Council . Its better to take with them nowadays to avoid mistakes in the exam. If you are able to call the British Council in your local city they will be able to guide you in looking for coaching. Even IDP does have some authorised or recommended trainers with
    training centers in the city where you are residing. Better to have a conversation with them also will be an added advantage in choosing which would be the best option.

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