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    Can you explain about BSA and NSA and stock market

    Searching for detailed information about stock market? Interested in buying stock from BSA and NSA? On this page experts shall respond to your query.

    I want to know the entire details about the stock market.
    Can you tell about the process of how to buy stock from BSA and NSA?
    How to exchange money between dollar and rupees?
    Experts: do respond.
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    I want to know the details about the stock market.
    Stock market is a 'market' or place where the stocks or company shares are traded. To conduct the trade in a smooth and orderly way, to protect the interest of the investors, agents or brokers, and the companies there are various rules and regulations by the Stock Exchanges. Early the trading was done by exchanging the stocks physically between the buyer and seller using the services of stock brokers. But now all these are done electronically. The main agents inside the stock exchanges pave way for the price quotes as per the need and request of retail brokers/investors and bulk investors. The price gets quoted on basis of demand and supply situation.

    Can you tell about the process of how to buy stock from BSA and NSA?

    I take that you are asking about NSE and BSE -National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange respectively.
    BSE was one of earliest stock exchange in the country and NSE is of a few years old.
    In comparison NSE is a broader one than BSE. New companies get enlisted in both or NSE mainly.
    The buying and selling of stocks takes place through licenced stock brokers having membership in the stock exchanges. There may be sub-brokers under direct stock brokers. As all stocks are now traded in non-physical or Demat form, we should also utilise the services of a Depository participant.
    So today if one wants to transact in stocks, he should open a DEMAT account with a depository participant, then take the services of a stock broker to buy or sell stocks through a trading account, and have a own bank account to make or receive payments from stock transactions .
    Some big firms do DP and brokers business as they have licences for both. Some banks also are DP and help in online trading by opening trading accounts also.

    How to exchange money between dollar and rupees?

    Foreign Exchange business(converting Rupee to Dollar, Pound etc. or converting Pound, Dollar etc to Indian Rupee needs proper licence or Authorised Dealership.
    Even possessing foreign currency also has certain restrictions and limit. There are permitted ways to get foreign exchange.

    However if you are having just a little foreign currency of some small amounts, gifted by your NRI relatives, you may approach your bank and gve it to them to convert and credit it to your account.

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    Bombay stock exchange and National stock exchange are known as BSE & NSE respectively. These are the two stock markets in the country that decides the valuation of the companies that decides to take part into the stock market.

    The process of stock purchase works something like this. Company when reaches the point of valuation then they apply to get listed in these markets. And then price of the stock is being set. After that based on the demand and supply in the market, you can find the price of the stock fluctuating. Each market has it's own fluctuation and based on the investors demand and the company financial condition the pricing goes high and low.

    In order to buy the stock in the physical or the digital form, you have to open the Demat account. You can get the Demat account from the zeroda, ICICI direct, sharekhan and few other type of the companies. This Demat account allows you to do transaction of the stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other instruments exchanged under the stock market.

    In case of the currencies, the market is known as the forex market. Or you can also call it foreign currency FX market. In here you have to bid for the specific slot for the currency, you can either hold or sell the stock out of the currency slot. Based on the fluctuation of the price you may profit or get into the loss. So it has it's own level of the investment tricks and ways to avoid the loss. Compared to other market, forex is extremely risky to invest into.

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    1.It requires one year training/ effort to learn the things about the stock market and trade in equity market. Stock market is like a cobra. If you are sapera then you can play with the snake otherwise it will dush/ bite you. Better stay away till you acquire the required expertise. To learn the things watch CNBC AWAJ OR CNBC TV and read the things at
    2.NSE-stands for National stock Exchange situated in Delhi. There is 50 blue chips companies listed here.
    BSE-Bombay stock Exchange situated in Bombay. There is 30 blue chips companies listed here.
    3.There are many banks and counter in the big cities where you can exchange the currency.

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