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    Aster Medcity Good for Organ Transplantation?

    Aster Medcity Good for Organ Transplantation,Addiction to alcohol, Liver cirrhosis patient

    Hi Guys am from India am 48 years old health patient suffering from liver cirrhosis I was a addicted to alcohol and was a heavy drinker now from past few months i have started noticing some changes in my body such as leg swelling , pains in abdomen etc...I consulted a doctor last week and he asked me to undergo liver transplantation as a process of replacing my liver.I was just scared and hesitated to know more about it as it is a life changing decision am just staring at the world thinking what to do now?.when i went across the famous organ transplantation hospitals in India i came across Aster Medcity which they have given a detailed about organ transplantation and provide good service too.


    Also Organ transplantation are very costly So i thought ill ask help in this forum so that experts can help me. can you guys go through this and let me no through your mail or comments that will Aster help me? My life is hanging on each of your suggestion.

    Thanks in advance
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    Yes Aster Medcity Good for Organ Transplantation.Organ transplantation are very costly in India.As doctor advised you to undergo liver transplantation as a process of replacing your liver you should go for the operation as soon as possible.

    Organ Transplant :- Organ transplant, as the name suggests, is replacing one's diseased organ like liver, heart etc. with healthy donated organ.There are two types of transplant: Solid Organ Transplant and Bone Marrow Transplant/ Peripheral Blood Transplant.Solid Organ Transplant is replacing organs like the kidney, liver, pancreas, heart, lungs and small intestine. Bone Marrow / Peripheral Blood Transplant are non-surgical procedures that involve infusing healthy blood cells to replace the diseased cells.

    Aster Multi-Organ Transplant offers live and cadaver liver transplant, split liver transplant and pancreas transplant and is one of the few centres in the India to offer Robotic Liver Surgery.

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