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    How is addition of salt in a toothpaste beneficial to the dental health?

    Searching for information about constituents of toothpaste? Wondering if salt in toothpaste is beneficial for dental health? find advice from experts on this page.

    We often come across advertisements in the media promoting toothpaste containing salt. How addition of salt in a toothpaste beneficial to the dental health? Can a regular toothpaste be used with the addition of salt at home while using it? In case so, then what quantity of salt should be used?
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    One factor for tooth decay is acidity caused by acidic foods taken. That slowly erodes te enamel protection and expose the sensitive nerves. So when we take sweets, cold liquids, hot foods etc the tooth becomes sensitive and may cause pain and discomfort and even damage the nerves.

    Mild, warm, salt water has a soothing effect and it reduces the sensitivity. So while cleaning teeth with normal toothpastes, the teeth may feel sensitive. If a little salt is rubbed on teeth before that the teeth may feel less sensitive. To make it easy toothpastes also available with salt added in manufacture itself.
    The quantity of salt should be very very little as excess salt itself will cause distaste and sensitivity.

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    There are many benefits in using salt in your tooth paste. I am not sure about the quantity and quality of the salt used in the commercial toothpaste. But using the sea salt has the following benefits. I do guess it should do the same as far as the salt in your toothpaste is concerned.

    Salt contains a number of minerals. Calcium, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, sodium, nickel and iron are some of them. They are found useful in handling tarts and strengthening the gums.
    The salt is high in iodine and as such has antibacterial properties. Apart from that, it also neutralises the acids in your mouth. Moreover, salt aids in salivation which helps you get proper protection for your enamels.

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    Addition of salts in the tooth paste in some minor quantity is benificial in the sense that the salt may fight with the Bacterias present in the mouth responsible for the bad - breadth. So the salt acts as a germ - killer and supports excellent hygiene for both gums and teeth.
    Tooth - paste appear to be convenient in application and a care is being taken by the manufacturer to add the least amount of salt in order to reap benifits.
    Even in the past times, we Indian used to apply common - salt mixed with a few drops of Mustard - oil for the gentle massage of teeth and gums for the dental - health. This suggests that the people were aware of germicidal - effects of salt for dental - hygiene.

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    There are some of the minerals and calcium in specific form and quantity good for our teeth. However using the salt in it's raw form may not be good for the teeth due to it's acidic property. The reason it is goo for our mouth and teeth is because it creates saliva and also changes the taste. The iodine content also helps our thyroid glands too. In turn using the salt in the toothpaste or the tooth powder can be really good. Which during and after the brush helps to set the mood while you're brushing your teeth.

    Most of the herbs and spices in India already make use of the salt. So you don't have to additionally add it in the ingredients. Chilly powder for example has it's some percent of salt in it. That helps from bacteria. So excessive salt is not good for health either.

    Apart from salt, the long and the neem is also good for the teeth. However the content at which it should be consumed needs to be low in quantity. That way it doesn't end up having side effect for your body.

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    Using of salt in toothpaste is good because it helps to have a yellow teeth problem. Earlier in tooth paste we used to add a pinch of salt to the paste when we brush but now we get toothpaste which has salt in.
    Salt and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) are among materials that can be substituted for toothpaste.
    Buy using salt toothpaste daily the yellowness in teeth doesn't form.

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