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    Doubt about engineering courses doubt

    Comparison between civil and mechanical engineering, Details about national and international internship, GATE exam details

    Which is better between civil and mechanical engineering?
    and what is internship? What the use of writing gate exam? If the gate wrote and eligible means iit and nit accept the exam marks?how want to get international internship? and also India? ordinary college can join internship?
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    Both the civil and mechanical engineering branches are good provided the student concerned works hard to get his/her fundamentals cleared. Therefore one should first introspect as to in which field he/she is more comfortable in comprehending the underlying fundamentals.

    Earning any degree to meet the eligibility criteria for being able to submit an application for a job is one thing and mastering the subject is totally a different thing. Opportunities like getting a scholarship for studying abroad etc. arise only in the cases of outstanding achievements.

    Gate examination is required for facilitating admissions for pursuing higher education like (M.Tech./Ph.D. etc. in IITs, IISc and various other Institutes/Universities/Laboratories across India.
    GATE score is also used as one of the criteria for recruitment in Government Organizations such as Cabinet Secretariat, and National/State Public Sector Undertakings in India

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In terms of employment, both Civil and Mechanical streams are equally prospective. However, one should go ahead with a particular stream if one is having a passion for the same. By going through the syllabus of these two streams, one can notice the volumes of courses and to master the same, one needs the patients and hard labour during the entire period of one's study.
    Internship is the practising of the skill under the guidance of the Employer for which a minor stipend is being paid prior to one's final placement in the job.
    GATE is the prestigious test essential for persuing higher study in M.Tech and with a high percentile in the GATE, one may get a chance for continuance of one's study in M.Tech in some distinguished Institute like IIT or in a Regional Engineering College.
    Some employers offer extra increments for the candidates having an impressive percentile and has opted for a job on the strength of one's BE qualification. So, GATE score is a vital point to enjoy extra privileges in course of employment.

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