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    How to prepare to get a job as a fresher of B.Tech, CSE.

    Unsure of how to get a job as a BTech fresher? Check out these simple but effective advice from experts on this page.

    I have recently completed my B.Tech and stream is CSE. I was not placed in the campus placement process. Now, I am trying to apply for off-campus selections.
    How to prepare for off- campus placements for an IT company?
    Experts: do respond.
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    Normally for the performing candidates in CSE , the campus selections would prove better and fetching. But it seems you have missed the chance. You can always approach companies on line and click their career options and place the bio data in their site. Surely they would call for the interviews. Never approach the brokers who promise to get the job. Your ability and your qualification would surely get a job and that is assured.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A few points mentioned below would help you in getting a job-
    1) It would be better if you enrol your self in job portals like and you may submit your resume.
    2)Your resume should be concise and look attractive where in you should furnish all the relevant details like the college you last attended for the final Engineering - degree, your percentage of marks in percentage - wise, Projects undertaken in summer - training, your inclination in sports activities etc.
    3) This should be an ideal time to revise your own course.
    4) Analyse your self critically where you are lacking and these areas are to be strengthened. If you lack fluency in English - conversation, the same can be improved upon by means of extra training in some reputed Institute. Similarly you need to improve your writing - skill as well. Have a look on your strength as well since very often the Employers do ask such questions.
    5) You should maintain patience and self - confidence in course of interview.
    6) Some leading - newspaper like Times of India, Hindustan - times may also be referred to in order to have a look out for the advertisement. The Employment - news published weekly would also offer you an insight of the current vacancies in your streams in different companies.
    Time is to be planned judiciously and weed out negativity if any.

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    Don't worry if you are not placed in campus. Focus and start searching outside and definitely you will find a job soon. Just follow few points mentioned.
    1. Update your resume with brief details about your course, college, project, any training's if you have completed, interest. Let your resume be of 2 pages max.
    2. Upload your resume in various job portals like Naukri, Times job etc.
    3. Every company has its own website. Visit companies website and check for carrier. Also upload your resume there or send email to email Id mentioned in the companies website.
    4. Some companies will have referral drive. If you know your friends or relatives working for some company, never hesitate to take their reference.
    5. Since you are CSE, programming concepts are very important. You should be able to write a program also as usually in interviews you will be asked to write programs.
    6. Keep yourself updated with latest technologies. Also read news paper and make your language strong. Have confidence while you speak.
    7. Visit some good technical consultancies. Also be sure not to pay any money to consultancies. Consultancy do not take money from candidates. Also there are many consultancies for BPO, Call centre and might fool you. So before going to consultancy, make a thorough study on that consultancy.
    All the best.

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    There are two parts of getting a job (dream job)
    1. Getting an opportunity (interview call)
    2. Converting that opportunity into a job

    You will have to take care of both, luckily the 1st one is relatively easy. (read on ...)

    1. How to get interview call/clear written test

    a. Upload your resume to all career portals like naukari, times job ,moster etc

    b. Pass on your resume to all your seniors/acquaintances for referrals

    c. Best option is to prepare and clear test like mcat, lithmus etc.

    d. if you are good programmer attempt hiring coding challenges like Google APAC, hackerrank, hackerearth etc.

    --- I have not provided links for the sites as once you start googling for these brand names you will come across many other sites/portals providing such services, it will help boost your confidence --

    2. How to convert a interview call into job

    a. Prepare well - there is no other way go through data structures and algorithms Geeks for Geeks is a great platform to learn

    b. Do some research for the company

    c. Be confident - the interviewer is looking you a reason to hire you, give him one - for freshers, one trait interviewer looks for is eagerness to learn

    If you want to get paid really well, try to target the startups

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    My suggestions are:-
    1. Immediately prepare a professional resume taking professional help.
    2. Do SWOT Analysis of yourself.
    3. List your positive aspects and prepare questions on these issues.
    4. List your negative aspects and prepare questions on how to overcome these problems.
    5. Prepare a list of general questions, prepare their 3-4 line answers and remember these answers.
    6. Read newspapers and periodicals like GK Today regularly for current affairs. Also rea magazines and articles in your own field of study and specialisation.
    7. Develop some soft skills like English conversation, dress sense, etc.
    8. During the interview, if you don't know about any particular issue, say so clearly. That would not be considered negative, because interviewers know that it is not possible for a person to know everything. But don't try to bluff the interviewers.
    9. Before going for the interview, learn about the organisation from its website. This is important and successfully answering questions on the company makes the interviewers happy.
    10. Before entering knock the door. Sit while the interviewers ask you to do so. Don't make too much noise while sitting. Remain in attentive posture throughout the interview. Say 'Thank you' to all members after completion of the interview.

    Best of luck. Have faith in God and have confidence on yourself.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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