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    Query about degree and its future job opportunities.

    Searching for information about BSc Agriculture -Biotechnology? Find career advice from experts on this page.

    I have taken admission for Bsc Agri. Biotechnology but I don't know about this degree. I also don't know about job opportunities related to my degree. I am really confused. I am also from Mahatma Phule Krushi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri and studies in College of Agricultural Biotechnology, Ahemadnagar.
    Can you tell me about the degree and future job opportunities?
    Awaiting guidance.
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    B.Sc. courses involve three years to studies. Thus the author has full three years at his disposal to shape his future life. To begin with, the author should obtain detailed syllabus of his degree program to come to know about the course contents. After that study of the subjects concerned should be started at his own level irrespective of the activities in the college. Only, a minimum required interaction with the fellow students should be made for the purpose of non-academic studies.
    Due respect should be paid to the teachers who are likely to offer useful tips for success in future career and life in general.
    Job prospects in the areas such as agriculture, animal husbandry, environment conservation, genetic engineering, industrial research, and development etc. exist after completing a degree program in Agricultural Biotechnology.
    Moreover, it is a graduate degree so all competitive examinations requiring a graduate degree as an eligibility criteria can be attempted after successfully completing the course.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • #137801 Agri. Biotechnology has three year course focusing on the sandwich degree of biotech and agriculture. It involves most of the basic syllabus of the biotech and it's application with respect to the agriculture.

    There are lot of government and private jobs in the agriculture sector. There are some of the jobs that require fresh graduate every specific time period for the study in the plants, vegetation and the soil study. Most of the private jobs are in the field of the fertilizers and the bacteria removal department. So there is a lot of opportunities out there in this field. You'd also find the degree useful in the food technology and chemical plants for the soil.

    The salary range is within 2.4 to 5 LPA per year. Depending on which sector hires you and the growth from the company decides further increase in the pay.

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    Agricultural bio-technology is a course of study in usage of scientific techniques agriculture(plants, animals and even micro organism) with emphasis on using scientific and technology tools for enhancing production, products and cost-effectiveness. It also uses bio-technology, DNA, molecular research and studies,, genetic engineering in agriculture for developing hghyielding varieties, vaccines to resist pests, long storage, early yielding etc. It also uses its knowledge in alternatve way of reproduction like tissue culture etc.
    As land is not increasing and demand for food is increasing, agricultural production and production cycle has to be necessarily increased. It also needs to make fodder to milch and meat animals, poultry etc.etc. So the only way is to use agritech and agri biotech better and more. Hence there is enough scope for Agriculture Bio-technology. Nowadays research is also gong on for better bio-fuels. Agriculture is now taken over by large corporate who do not have paucity of fund for operation as well as research. Hence new methods are alo experimented. Thatgives Agricultural bio-technology good scope in Government services, Corporates, agriculture/crop Research institutions and even in co-operatives.

    Earlier banks used to have agri. officers recruited separately. Now also there will be specialised vacancies for specialised service centres.

    As in any field, those with knowledge and expertise are preferred. Hence as you have already joined the course, go ahead with confidence, learn and practice as much and better as possible, and pass with good grades. Keep updated with developments in the relvant field.

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    Good that your going to become a graduate in Bsc Agri.
    First after your completion of graduation just think on which line you would wish to continue. Because MNC company's just see whether your a graduate and how to interact in the interview. If your willing to go for any MNC company in future, try to develop some HR programs which will help you in your confidence when you face a interview. Suppose if your interested in the subject that your graduated I think its better you take PG course also in the same profession and try for teaching in the same subject that your graduated.
    Where ever you work you should first try to face the interview with full confidence.

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    B. Sc ( Biotechnology and Agriculture) is the fusion of two branches for the upgradation of yields of different crops. Scienctists are actively involved to augment the production of crops with contininious research. Their jobs involve creation of environments ( in laboratory condition) conducive to growth of crops and application of various techniques to step up the productivities of different crops. They may create a new breed for its better utility in respect of its consumption.
    With the progress of time, this branch would play a significant role in increased outputs of various crops such as Wheat, Pulses, Paddy and Vegetables etc.
    These graduates are employed by the Research - laboratories, Food - companies such as Amul, Nestle etc to improve their products with their guidance. Even they can be absorbed in Nationlised banks and they can appear for Civil - services Examinations and in State - government they may be appointed as an agricultural SDO.

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